Today’s developers must meet tough requirements–shrinking device sizes with higher performance and more stringent security–and still be first to market. Visit us at embedded world 2017 to experience how our solutions can help you meet these demands while differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Sign up to visit our booth and you’ll also have the opportunity to receive a free demo board for a fully isolated 10-bit ADC or for an industrial high-side switch with settable current limiting and safe-demagnetization. Just print out your voucher, and bring it to our booth. But hurry–there are only 400 available.


Hall 1, Stand 370 (Maxim/Avnet Silica) and Hall 3A, Stand 229 (EBV)

Watch demonstrations of new developments for

  • Embedded Security: our cryptographic controller, connected to a Rasberry Pi board, establishes and navigates all the critical steps of a TLS session
  • Secure IoT Nodes: watch the secure connection, authentication and communication with an IoT sensor node

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Hall 1, Stand 370 (Maxim/Avnet Silica)

Watch demonstrations of

  • Wearable Health Sensor Platform: performing live ECG measurement and live impedance measurement
  • Optical Sensors: demonstrations of our latest pulseox/heart rate sensor and of our integrated heart-rate sensor for in-ear applications

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Hall 1, Stand 370 (Maxim/Avnet Silica)

Watch demonstrations of new technology for

  • Industrial digital I/O and digital isolators
  • High performance ADCs and DACs for industrial sensor measurement
  • Industrial encoder interface and RS-485 transceivers

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Power Management

Hall 1, Stand 370 (Maxim/Avnet Silica) and Hall 3A, Stand 229 (EBV)

See our latest technology for

  • Battery management, including ModelGauge m5 EZ, ultra-low power DC-DC converters, and wearable power management
  • Industrial power, including a no-opto isolated flyback controller, high-efficiency buck converters, and iso-buck converters

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Session 04, Security I – TPM 

Day: Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Time: 11:30–12:00

Secure Authenticators answer the call to solve IoT device embedded security needs
This paper presents utilizing the Secure Authenticator class of cryptographic ICs for appropriate categories of IoT devices and end points. It covers the crypto functionality provided by these products and explores the need for targeted security where computational resources are constrained and other factors, such as power and cost, restrict the viability of more complex solutions such as secure microcontrollers.

Speaker: Scott Jones, Executive Director of Embedded Security, Maxim Integrated

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Embedded World 2017

03/14/2017 - 03/16/2017
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