electronica 2014

We appreciate your interest in our Integrated Energy products, including breakthroughs like our ultrasonic flow meter. (Watch demo highlights from the show.)

Now, discover how to take your own energy designs to market faster—starting with our white paper, "Water and Power in the Internet of Everything."

Learn more about our solutions featured at electronica:

Distribution Automation

8-Channel Simultaneous-Sampling Analog Front-End

ECT/EPT Current Fault Sensor

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Ultrasonic Heat/Flow Meter

High-Precision, Long Battery Life Heat/Flow Meter

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White Paper
Water and Power in the Internet of Everything

Powered by analog breakthroughs including new sensor technologies, the Internet of Things is evolving fast. But to profit from it, you’ll need to use its power to help customers manage their resources. The Solution Brief takes you through it step-by-step:

  • How to make sure your IoT play is driven by regional policy, so it’s ready for the future
  • How to benefit from the consumer takeover that’s driving the market from the bottom up
  • How to maximize value for your customers, by understanding the three constrained resources that make the IoT worthwhile

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