CES 2018: Empowering Design Innovation

Smarter, safer cars. Louder, richer sound. A healthier world.

As the world becomes more connected, you’ve got to deliver products that are smaller, faster, and lower power. On time and on budget, no less. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Maxim will showcase technologies covering an array of application areas and designed to help you get your unique products to market faster. Click here to request a meeting with us in one of our private rooms to discuss your design projects and see our demos.

CES 2018

01/09/2018 - 01/12/2018
Las Vegas, Nevada


Helping You Design a Safer, Smarter Car of the Future

Cars are like computers on wheels, and capabilities provided by advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and infotainment applications are resulting in safer and more engaging rides. Maxim offers a broad portfolio of automotive technologies to help you design safer, smarter cars.

In our Automotive Room, we will demonstrate:

  • Next-generation Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link SerDes technology
  • Remote tuner architecture
  • Proven, robust, automotive-grade battery management systems that beat next-generation range and safety requirements
  • High-brightness LED lighting
  • Automotive-grade USB 2.0 Type-A charging and data communication
  • Powertrain technology

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Why Every Car Needs These High-Speed Serial Links
1:33 October 16, 2017

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Enabling a Healthier World

Sensors are the next big thing, and they're helping us live healthier lives. Today, it's common for sensors to be integrated into wrist-based devices and patches. Tomorrow could bring a host of products in new form factors.

In our Healthcare Room, we will demonstrate a variety of technologies that enable a healthier world:

  • Wearable power management ICs for medical and fitness applications
  • Heart-rate monitor sensors for wearables
  • Blood pressure trending for smartphones
  • Health Sensor Platform for wearables

Meet the Health Sensor Platform
4:16 November 16, 2016

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Mobile Audio: Louder, Richer Sound

Even though they are small and portable, mobile devices still need to deliver great audio quality. Maxim's Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM) technology overcomes the challenges of designing micro speakers, helping you create a louder and richer sound experience.

In our Mobility Room, we will demonstrate our DSM technology for application areas such as gaming, virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR), and mobile devices such as laptops.

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