APEC 2021

Applied Power Electronics (APEC)

June 14 - 17

Your Design Innovation Starts Here

Power ICs simplify the design of power supply and power management circuits by integrating key circuit functions into a single chip, thus combining greater reliability with reduced power consumption, less board space and lower cost. As a leading supplier we offer end-to-end power solutions for data centers, servers, AI, FPGA, networking, 5G, and power-over-ethernet equipment. The advanced technology includes monolithic integration, advanced power packaging, and patented coupled inductors. Our broad portfolio provides complete solutions for 12V and 48V systems. These innovations enable highest power density, highest performance, and best-in-class efficiency solutions.

At APEC 2021 we will present our latest power innovations including Power-for-AI, Power-over-Ethernet and Power-for-FPGA.

Learn from Our Experts and Watch Our On-Demand Webinars and Get More Insight On Our Power Solutions

Maxim Power Solutions for AI with the Coupled Inductor Advantage

Review the benefits and flexibility in using coupled inductors for AI applications and learn about the different form factors that are best for AI applications.

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Speaker: Enrique Garcia
Enrique Garcia is an Applications Engineer in the Cloud and Data Center business unit focusing on multiphase power and switched tank converter products. Enrique joined Maxim Integrated in 2012. Enrique received his BSEE from the University of California, Davis and MSEE from San Jose State University.

Maxim Power-over-Ethernet Solutions

Learn more about Maxim's Power-Over-Ethernet portfolio, with an introduction to our PSE controllers, PD controllers and PWM controllers for flyback/forward converters.

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Speaker: Qicheng Huang
Qicheng Huang is an MTS application engineer in the Cloud and Data Center business unit at Maxim Integrated. He joined Maxim in 2018 and since then has been in charge of Maxim Power-over-Ethernet product development and technical support.

A Complete High-Efficiency and High Power Density Solution for Xilinx FPGAs

In this webinar, we introduce one of Maxim’s power product families that supports Xilinx’s FPGAs. Learn how this family of products demonstrate best-in in-class efficiency and high power density, while providing small-size or low-profile solutions for FPGA/AI applications.

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Speaker: Yangyang Wen
Yangyang Wen is an applications engineer (PMTS) and product definer focusing on PoE, POL, and multiphase power products at Maxim integrated. She holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida.

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Maxim Power Solutions Demo Video Gallery

Best Practices for Simulating Bode Plots and Correlating Results to Bench Data
15:29 June 14, 2021

Maxim VR14 Solution Deliver Highest Performance and Power Density for Datacenters
4:24 June 04, 2021

Hot-Swap Protection ICs for Networking, Servers, Storage, and Telecom
5:23 May 21, 2021

High Power Density Solutions for AI & Server
6:18 May 25, 2021

High Voltage Regulated Buck Controller MAX15157BEVKIT Demo
6:30 May 21, 2021

MAX15158 dual-phase Flyback Converter Board
5:38 May 21, 2021

Low-Profile, High Power Density Solutions for Xilinx FPGAs
5:39 May 21, 2021

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