Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association Conference & ECExpo (ECEDHA)

The 2018 ECEDHA Annual Conference and ECExpo will take place March 16–20 at the Hyatt Regency in beautiful Monterey, California. (The Conference is March 16–20. The ECExpo is March 18–19.) Nearly 300 academics will join this premier annual gathering of ECE department heads, deans, faculty, lab managers, and communicators from throughout the United States and Canada as they celebrate 34 years of ECE leadership.

At the event, Maxim will present a focus group, “Extending Your Educational Reach Via IoT Platform.” We’ve partnered with Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to develop an upper-division IoT course centered around this platform, which is based on the MAX32630FTHR microcontroller board and enables distance learning. You’ll learn more about the platform, which features four attached peripheral boards featuring a pulse-oximetry sensor, an electrocardiogram (ECG) analog front-end (AFE), a temperature sensor, and a mixed-signal programmable IC. Also, don’t miss your chance to take one of these platforms back to your classroom.

2018 ECEDHA Annual Conference and ECExpo

03/16/2018 - 03/20/2018
Monterey, California