Optical Health Sensor Modules

Complete Biosensing Solutions for Wearable, Hearable, Portable and In-Ear Applications

Optical health sensor ICs for body-wearable applications track health and wellness with complete biosensing solutions for continuous heart-rate tracking, heart variability, and oxygen saturation. Our portfolio of complete optical sensor solutions includes highly integrated optical modules for space-constrained form factors, high SNR analog front-ends (AFEs) to address low perfusion cases (corner cases), and algorithms that extract meaningful information from photoplethysmography (PPG) signals.

Ultra-low power consumption and leading-edge packaging technology extend product battery life, reduce solution size, and accelerate time-to-market. Our portfolio enables optical sensor solutions for a variety of use cases and body locations.

Our packaging innovation in optical modules has paved the path way for optical biosensing in mobile phones and in-ear headsets. These biosensor optical modules are creatively assembled in optically enhanced packaging. The packaging technology eliminates crosstalk between LEDs and photodiodes (PD) without compromising the optical spacing necessary to extract useful signals from the body.

Our heart-rate (HR) and consumer-grade SpO2 algorithms meet FDA requirements and work seamlessly with our optical sensor devices.

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Optical Health Sensor ICs Featured Products

Complete Optical Biosensing Module with Ultra-Low-Power Biometric Sensor Hub


Highly-integrated, optical data acquisition system combines optical biosensing AFE with a powerful Arm® MCU and two photodiodes.

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Ultra-Low-Power Optical Data Acquisition System for Pulse Oximetry and HR Detection


Features best-in-class SNR for measuring hydration, muscle, and tissue oxygen saturation at multiple body locations.

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Evaluation System for Low Power Integrated In-Ear Heart Rate Monitor


Allows for the quick evaluation of the MAXM86161 integrated optical module for applications at various sites on the body, particularly in-ear and mobile applications.

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Optimized Pulse-Oximeter and Heart-Rate AFE


Includes 2 LED drivers and 1 photo diode input to enable heart-rate (HR) measurement for wearables.

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Best-in-Class Optical Pulse Ox and Heart-Rate Sensor


Leading-edge HIR/HRV and activity classification algorithms for high-intensity outdoor environments.

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Heart-Rate Sensor for In-Ear Applications


Includes 2 LEDs (IR, Green), photo diode, and AFE in a 4.3mm x 2.8mm x 1.45mm optical module for in-ear HR measurement.

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PPG and ECG Biosensor Module for Mobile Health


Includes 2 LEDs (Red, IR), photo diode, PPG and ECG AFEs to enable ECG, optical HR, and SpO2 measurement.

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High-Sensitivity Pulse Oximeter and Heart-Rate Sensor


Includes 3 LEDs (Red, IR, Green), photo diode, and AFE in a 5.6mm x 3.3mm x 1.55mm optical module for HR and SpO2 measurement.

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