The MAX1478 highly integrated, analog sensor signal processor is optimized for piezoresistive sensor calibration and compensation without any external components. It includes a programmable current source for sensor excitation, a 3-bit programmable-gain amplifier (PGA), a 128-bit internal EEPROM, and four 12-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs). Achieving a total error factor within 1% of the sensor's repeatability errors, the MAX1478 compensates offset, offset temperature coefficient, full-span output (FSO), FSO temperature coefficient (FSO TC), and FSO nonlinearity of silicon piezoresistive sensors.

The MAX1478 calibrates and compensates first-order temperature errors by adjusting the offset and span of the input signal via DACs, thereby eliminating the quantization noise associated with digital signal path solutions. Built-in testability features on the MAX1478 result in the integration of three traditional sensor-manufacturing operations into one automated process:

  • Pretest: Data acquisition of sensor performance under the control of a host test computer.
  • Calibration and compensation: Computation and storage (in an internal EEPROM) of calibration and compensation coefficients computed by the test computer and downloaded to the MAX1478.
  • Final test operation: Verification of transducer calibration and compensation without removal from the pretest socket.

  • Although optimized for use with piezoresistive sensors, the MAX1478 may also be used with other resistive sensors (i.e., accelerometers and strain gauges) with some additional external components.


    • Medium Accuracy (±1%), Single-Chip Sensor Signal Conditioning
    • Rail-to-Rail® Output
    • Sensor Errors Trimmed Using Correction Coefficients Stored in Internal EEPROM-Eliminates Laser Trimming and Potentiometers
    • Compensates Offset, Offset TC, FSO, FSO TC, and FSO Linearity
    • Programmable Current Source (0.1mA to 2.0mA) for Sensor Excitation
    • Fast Signal-Path Settling Time (<1ms)
    • +5V Single Supply
    • Accepts Sensor Outputs from +10mV/V to +40mV/V
    • Fully Analog Signal Path


    • 汽车电子
    • 水压系统
    • 工业压力传感器
    • 工业温度传感器
    • 歧管绝对压力(MAP)传感器
    • 压阻式压力及加速度传感器
    • 应变仪传感器
    • 变送器与发送器
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    备注: 通过技术手段对故障率进行汇总,并映射到相关的材料部件号。 故障率与被测件的数量密切相关。

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