High-Precision Supervisory with Window Watchdog and Overvoltage Indicator

Highly Accurate Automotive Voltage Monitoring Supervisor with Windowed Watchdog in Small 2x2 TDFN



The MAX16136, a low voltage, ±1% accurate window-detector supervisor circuit monitors a single system supply voltage and the integrity of code execution by a microprocessor or microcontroller. This device features an active-low, open-drain output that asserts whenever the monitored supply rail falls outside of the factory-trimmed undervoltage/overvoltage window threshold. The reset output remain asserted for the programmed reset timeout period after the monitored supply voltage falls within the undervoltage/overvoltage window threshold.

The MAX16136 offers factory-trimmed voltage thresholds from 0.5V to 5V in approximately 20mV increment. A variety of factory trimmed undervoltage/overvoltage thresholds from ±4% to ±11% are available to accommodate different supply voltages and tolerances.

A window-watchdog timer circuit monitors microprocessor or microcontroller activity. During normal operation, the microprocessor or microcontroller must repeatedly toggle the watchdog input (WDI) low within the fast watchdog timeout (tWD_F) and slow watchdog timeout (tWD_S). If the microcontroller or microprocessor does not toggle WDI within the window-timeout period, the supervisor asserts the watchdog output (active-low WDO) to signal that the system is not executing code as expected. The watchdog output pulse can be used to reset the microprocessor or micro controller, or it may be used to interrupt the system to warn of execution errors.

In addition, the MAX16136 features an overvoltage fault output (active-low OV) that latches low when the monitored rail exceeds the overvoltage threshold. The latched output can be cleared by pulling active-low CLR low.

The MAX16136 is available in a small, 2mm x 2mm, 8-pin TDFN side-wettable package and operates over the automotive temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.
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  • ±1% Accuracy
  • Enables ASIL Compliance at System Level
    • FMEDA Results Available Upon Request
  • 0.5V to 5V Threshold Range with 20mV Increments
  • ±4% to ±11% Undervoltage/Overvoltage Thresholds
  • Latched Overvoltage Fault Output
  • Clear Fault Input
  • 5μs Overvoltage Fault Delay
  • Window Watchdog Timeout
  • Factory-Set Reset Timeout
  • Open-Drain Reset Output
  • TDFN-8 Side-Wettable Package
  • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range


  • null
  • 汽车
  • 多电压ASIC
  • 服务器
  • 存储设备

请查看具体的参数规格 Supervisors (1 Monitored Voltage) (250)

Part NumberReset Thresh.
Reset OuttRESETWatchdog FeatureWatchdog TimeoutSupervisor FeaturesReset Thresh. Accur.
(min)(@ +25°C)(max)(See Notes)
0 to 1.2
1.2 to 1.8
1.8 to 2.5
2.5 to 3.3
3.3 to 5.5
Active Low
Open Drain
Input/Output (WDI/WDO)
Adjustable Reset Input
Latched Output
Overvoltage/Window Monitor
$1.19 @1k

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MAX16136EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX16136


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