MAX15096, MAX15096A

2.7V to 18V, 6A Integrated Hot-Swap/Electronic Circuit Breaker

2.7V-18V Input, Smallest 6A Hot-Swap Solution with Only 12mΩ RDSON and 10% Circuit Breaker Threshold Accuracy



The MAX15096 family of devices are integrated solutions for hot-swap applications requiring the safe insertion and removal of circuit line cards from a live backplane.They can also be used as electronics circuit breaker for hard drive and solid-state drive and fans. The devices integrate a hot-swap controller, 12mΩ (typ) power MOSFET, and an electronic circuit-breaker protection in a single package.

The devices are designed for protection of 2.7V to 18V supply voltages. These devices implement a foldback current limit during startup to control inrush current, lowering di/dt and keeping the MOSFET operating under safe operating area (SOA) conditions. After the startup cycle is complete, on-chip comparators provide VariableSpeed/BiLevel protection against short-circuit and overcurrent faults, and immunity against system noise and load transients. The load is disconnected in the event of a fault condition. The devices are factory calibrated to deliver accurate overcurrent protection with ±10% accuracy. During a fault condition, PG goes low and the devices latch off (MAX15096) or automatic retry (MAX15096A); the output could also be discharged after a fault event (MAX15096D).

The devices feature an IN-to-OUT short-circuit detection before startup. The devices provide a power-MOSFET GATE pin to program the slew rate during startup by adding an external capacitor. The devices have an undervoltage/overvoltage input pin (UVOV) that can detect an undervoltage/overvoltage fault and disconnect the IN from the OUT. Additional features include internal overtemperature protection and a power-good output (PG).

The devices are available in a 16-bump, 2mm x 2mm wafer-level package (WLP) and are rated over the -40°C to +105°C extended temperature range.
MAX15096, MAX15096A, MAX15096D: Typical Application Circuit MAX15096, MAX15096A, MAX15096D: Typical Application Circuit 放大+


  • Integration Reduces Solution Size for Blade Servers and Other Space-Constrained Designs
    • Integrated 12mΩ (typ) Internal Power MOSFET
    • Programmable Overvoltage Protection and Undervoltage-Lockout Threshold
    • Drive-Present Signal Input (Active-Low PRSNT pin)
    • Thermal Protection
  • Flexibility Enables Use in Many Unique Designs
    • 2.7V to 18V Operating Voltage Range
    • Programmable Inrush Current Control Under SOA Operation
    • Adjustable Circuit-Breaker Current/Current-Limit Threshold
    • Programmable Slew-Rate Control
    • Variable-Speed Circuit-Breaker Response
    • Latchoff (MAX15096) or Automatic Retry (MAX15096A) Options
  • Safety Features Ensure Accurate, Robust Protection
    • 6A (max) Load Current Capability
    • ±10% Circuit-Breaker Threshold Accuracy
    • IN-to-OUT Short-Circuit Detection
    • Open-Drain PG Output
    • Output Discharge After a Fault Event (MAX15096D Only)
    • Programmable Additional Delay (2µs max) to Fast-Comparator Response Time
    • Enable Input (EN)


  • 刀片式服务器
  • 磁盘驱动器供电
  • 工业应用
  • RAID系统
  • 服务器I/O卡
  • 存储应用
Part NumberChannelsVIN
Internal Pwr. MOSFETsRON
Current Limit
Current Limit
Current Limit Accuracy
Fault ResponseOper. Temp.
minmaxtypminmaxSee Notes
MAX15096 12.718NMOS121.3610Latchoff-40 to +105
$1.16 @1k
MAX15096A Auto Retry
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Pricing Notes:

MAX15096AEVKIT: Evaluation Kits for the MAX15096, MAX15096A, and MAX15096D
MAX15096DEVKIT: Evaluation Kits for the MAX15096, MAX15096A, and MAX15096D
MAX15096EVKIT: Evaluation Kits for the MAX15096, MAX15096A, and MAX15096D


产品可靠性报告: MAX15096.pdf 
申请可靠性报告: MAX15096A 
型号   生产流程   工艺   样本量   不合格   FIT @ 25°C   FIT @ 55°C  

备注: 通过技术手段对故障率进行汇总,并映射到相关的材料部件号。 故障率与被测件的数量密切相关。

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