MAX17681 Evaluation Kits

Isolated Power Supplies Simplify Design with Pre-Qualified Transformers

The MAX17681 evaluation kits are fully assembled and tested boards that demonstrate the performance of the MAX17681 high-efficiency, iso-buck DC-DC converter. The EV kits operate over wide input-voltage ranges and use primary-side feedback to regulate the output voltage. A variety of output configurations are available to support multiple application needs. Transformer selection is simplified through the use of pre-qualified MID-IMAXIB Industrial Maxim Iso-Buck Transformers from Wurth Elektronik.

Evaluation Kit Number Input Isolated Output Peak Efficiency Wurth Transformer
17V to 32V ±15V/100mA or ±12V/50mA 90% 750342557
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17V to 36V ±7V/100mA or ±5V/50mA 87.5% 750342779
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17V to 36V +15V/200mA or +12V/100mA 89.5% 750342859
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17V to 36V +7V/200mA or +5V/100mA   750342878
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17V to 36V +15V/75mA and ±7.5V/7.5mA 89.9% 750342864
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17V to 36V +24V/100mA   750342860
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