Maxim的电池识别IC提供数据存储和序列号识别,用于电池包鉴定。通信过程中,采用循环冗余校验(CRC)检验数据完整性。我们的电池ID IC通过低压1-Wire®接口进行串行通信,仅占用电池的一个触点。64位唯一的序列号允许多点组网,并可识别总线上的每个器件。




Technical Documentation


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Just 1-Wire to Operate I2C/SPI Endpoints

March 03, 2022

It is possible to deliver power and data to operate I2C and SPI endpoints, such as humidity or temperature sensors, with the use of a single wire connection and ground using Analog Devices’ 1-Wire technology.

Relieving Supply Chain Issues of the 1-Wire Silicon Serial Number Chip

February 17, 2022

The 1-Wire Silicon Serial Number DS2401 and DS1990A, has suffered supply chain issues. To relieve this issue, Analog Devices has developed the alternatives DS2401A and DS1990AA.


November 12, 2020



August 10, 2020

Adding location-tracking chips to IoT designs brings new power-management challenges. See how SIMO buck-boost regulators save space and extend battery life.

How Analog Devices Are Enhancing LUXROBO’s IoT and Robotics Development Platform

May 11, 2020

Learn how LUXROBO increased power efficiency, shrank solution size, and lowered the BOM of its modular robotics/IoT platform with Maxim analog devices.

MediaTek Taps Into GMSL SerDes Technology for Automotive Infotainment Solution

May 11, 2020

When MediaTek needed SerDes technology for its car infotainment SoC-based reference design, it found robust data transmission from Maxim’s GMSL technology.

Is Pulse Transit Time Needed for Accurate Blood-Pressure Monitoring from Wearables?

May 11, 2020

Understand the role of pulse transit time (PTT) in accurate blood-pressure monitoring from wearables. Get ideas for your next design.

ASIL-Grade Camera Power Protector Safeguards Your Car Cameras

May 11, 2020

With the industry’s only ASIL-compliant car camera protector IC, you can ensure reliable operation of safety-critical applications. Learn more.

Psst…This Fitness Wearable Tells You Your Body’s Secrets

May 11, 2020

To infuse its fitness tracker with high levels of processing power at low power consumption, WHOOP turned to Maxim’s DARWIN low-power microcontrollers.

Are Biometric Sensors the Key to Healthier Horses…and Humans?

May 11, 2020

With its biometrics sensing technology integrated into horse bridles, Equine SmartBits aims to enhance equine health and performance. Learn more from the blog.

Can Wearables Help Prevent the Silent Killer?

May 11, 2020

Understand why wearables with sophisticated sensors and algorithms are the best choice for continuous blood-pressure monitoring. Read the blog post.

Robust NAND Flash Wafer Testers Rely on Low-Power ATE Drivers

May 11, 2020

Learn how Digital Frontier reduced wafer test equipment size and power consumption with the MAX9972 low-power ATE driver. Get details today.

Keep Hackers’ Hands Off Your Battery Packs

May 11, 2020

Watch this short video to learn how a battery fuel gauge IC with authentication prevents battery pack cloning. Test-drive the IC with the eval kit from Maxim Integrated.

Why a Secure Micro with PUF Is a Strong IoT Hacking Defense

May 11, 2020

Industry’s first secure microcontroller with physically unclonable function (PUF) technology protects new and existing IoT designs from hackers. Learn more.

What’s All the Fuss About Cryptography?

May 07, 2020

Get up to speed on the basics of cryptography, so you can protect your IoT designs from hackers and other security threats.

How Capacitors Provide a Window into the Real Value of a Battery

May 05, 2020

Maxim Integrated’s resident power evangelist explains how charge redistribution in networked capacitors offers a clue into how batteries will behave in portable devices.

Prioritizing Customer Focus to Save Lives

April 30, 2020

John Kirwan, Maxim Integrated’s VP of Global Customer Operations, highlights how the company is continuing to support its customers while also prioritizing products used in medical equipment that helps COVID-19 patients.


April 30, 2020


Charging Your Car’s Battery – in 1898

April 28, 2020

What was it like to charge an electrical vehicle battery…in 1898? Jim Harrison takes an interesting look at how EV charging has evolved.

What’s in Photoplethysmography Data? A Look at the Interaction Between Sensor Performance and Algorithms

April 23, 2020

From heart rate to SpO2, PPG data derived from optical biosensors reveal a lot about our health and well-being. Read the blog to learn more.


MAXREFDES9009: MAX98365 8-Channed Reference Design

Easy to use 8-channel digital input audio amplifier with a true plug and play usability.

MAXREFDES1238: Scalable, Single Input, 6 Output, Power Solution for the Versal ACAP Platform

In this design a single 12V input supplies a circuit which outputs 6 separate rails ranging from...

MAXREFDES1263: True Wireless Stereo Cradle and Earbuds

This solution demonstrates a small size, low power, high effective, high accuracy power manageme...

MAXREFDES1260: Li Battery Charger and Monitor System with 3A USB-C Input

The purpose of MAXREFDES1260 is to solve the problem of high-voltage fast charging of 2S battery...

MAXREFDES9002: C-source Reference for Operating the DS28E18 from Cortex-M4 GPIO Pins

Extend an I2C and SPI interface using the DS28E18 with included M4 compatible 1-Wire API and C-d...


The MAXREFDES179 reference design is a complete Universal Serial Bus (USB) type-C PD solution fe...

MAXREFDES1275: 1A,3-Channel LED Driver in Buck Configuration using MAX20050 and its dimming control using MAX32630FTHR

The MAX20050 is a high-brightness LED driver for automotive exterior lighting applications.


The MAX17574, high-efficiency, high-voltage, synchronous step-down DC-DC converter with integrat...

MAXREFDES1105: Miniature, 5V/2A, Synchronous, No-Opto Flyback DC-DC Converter with 90.4% Efficiency Using MAX17690 and MAX17606

Due to its simplicity and low cost, the flyback converter is the preferred choice for low-to-med...


The MAX17690 implements an innovative algorithm to accurately determine the output voltage by se...

MAXREFDES1045: Two-Layer Board, 5V/3A, Wide-Input, Synchronous, Step-Down DC-DC Converter Using the MAX17574

The MAX17574, high-efficiency, high-voltage, synchronous step-down DC-DC converter with integrat...

MAXREFDES1037:72W Offline Flyback Converter

The MAX17595 is a peak-current-mode controller for designing wide input-voltage flyback regulato...


The MAX668/MAX669 constant-frequency, pulse-width modulating (PWM), current-mode DC-DC controlle...


Due to its simplicity and low cost, the flyback converter is the preferred choice for low-to-med...

MAXREFDES1106: Miniature, 12V/1A, Synchronous, No-Opto Flyback DC-DC Converter with 92% Efficiency Using MAX17690 and MAX17606

Due to its simplicity and low cost, the flyback converter is the preferred choice for low-to-med...