The DS2252T Secure Microcontroller Module incorporates the DS5002FP chip with a clock source and lithium back-up in a preassembled and tested SIMM form factor. The chip design employs a 100% 8051-compatible architecture based on NV RAM technology. It combines adaptive programming capability with advanced security features that strongly protect memory contents.

The DS2252T enables in-system programming and automatic loading of new encryption keys through the serial port. Users can designate and change memory partitions for program and data. The microcontroller decodes memory access to the SRAM, accesses memory via its bytewide bus and write-protects the program memory portion. The result: frequent, secure reprogramming with minimal effort.

Security features include a strong software encryption algorithm based on an 80-bit key word loaded from an on-chip true random number generator. (Customer-specific algorithms are available.) A Self-Destruct Input pin (SDI) is provided to interface to external tamper detection circuitry. An optional top-coating for the die is available to thwart microprobe techniques.

The DS2252T module includes a 32kHz crystal driving a permanently powered real-time lock with interrupts for time stamp and date. Crash-proof operation is ensured with power monitoring circuitry that includes power-fail reset, interrupt, and a watchdog timer. All nonvolatile memory and resources are maintained for over 10 years at room temperature in the absence of power.

The DS2252T is an ideal microcontroller for systems incorporating sensitive data and that require ultra-secure, time-stamped transactions. These include automatic access control to private or proprietary systems, digital monetary transactions, and software protection.
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  • 8051-compatible microcontroller for secure/sensitive applications:
    • 32, 64, or 128kbytes of nonvolatile SRAM for program and/or data storage
    • In-system programming via on-chip serial port
    • Capable of modifying its own program or data memory in the end system
  • Firmware security features:
    • Memory stored in encrypted form
    • Encryption using on-chip 64-bit key
    • Automatic true random number key generator
    • SDI (Self-Destruct Input)
  • Crashproof operation:
    • Maintains all nonvolatile resources for over 10 years in the absence of power
      Power-fail reset
    • Early warning power-fail interrupt
    • Watchdog timer
    • Precision reference for power monitor
  • Fully 8051-compatible:
    • 128-bytes scratchpad RAM
    • Two timer/counters
    • On-chip serial port
    • 32 parallel I/O port pins
  • Permanently powered real-time clock, accurate to 100th seconds
  • Operating ranges:
    • 5V ±10%
    • 16MHz clock speed (max)
    • 0°C to +70°C
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高可靠性、超低功耗微控制器,采用Arm Cortex M4 FPU处理器,适用于工业和IoT

  • 高成效微控制器,适用于低功耗、高可靠性设备
  • 灵活的时钟方案
  • 电源管理最大程度延长电池应用的工作时间

高可靠性、超低功耗微控制器,采用Arm Cortex M4 FPU处理器,适用于工业和IoT

  • 高成效微控制器,适用于低功耗、高可靠性设备
  • 灵活的时钟方案
  • 电源管理最大程度延长电池应用的工作时间