Standalone USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery Controller

Industry's Simplest Standalone USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery Controller



The MAX77958 is a robust solution for USB Type-C CC detection and power delivery (PD) protocol implementation. It detects connected accessories or devices by using Type-C CC detection and USB PD messaging. The IC protects against overvoltage and overcurrent, and detects moisture and prevents corrosion on the USB Type-C connector. The IC also has a D+/D- USB switch and BC1.2 detection to support legacy USB standards. It contains VCONN switches for USB PD and an enable pin for an external VCONN boost or buck converter.

The IC is compliant with USB Type-C Specification Release 1.3 and PD 3.0. It can be customized easily without affecting the compliance.

The IC has an I2C master that can read and write to other devices in the system so that its firmware can configure related devices without the main processor's assistance. For example, it can configure an external charger based on BC1.2 detection, CC detection, and PD communication.

The IC has an interrupt output pin to report event detection and status changes. It also has an I2C interface that system can use to read/write and configure internal registers.

The IC has nine configurable GPIOs that can be used for detection, as interrupts, and as the enable/disable pin for external devices, or as ADC inputs.

The IC is available in a 3.10mm x 2.65mm, 0.5mm pitch, wafer-level package (WLP).

MAX77958: Simplified Block Diagram MAX77958: Simplified Block Diagram 放大+


  • Customizable Firmware
    • USB Compliant Default Embedded Firmware
    • Supports Customizable Actions on Events
    • Firmware Updates for Future Specification Revisions
  • USB Type-C Support and USB-PD Support
    • USB Type-C Version 1.3 and PD3.0 Compliant
    • Mode Configuration: Sink/Source/Dual Role Port
    • Programmable Power Supply (PPS) Sink Support
    • Fast Role Swap (FRS) Initial Sink Support
    • Cable Orientation and Power Role Detection
    • Integrated VCONN Switch with OCP
    • Support Try.Snk State
    • Audio and Debug Accessory Sink/Source Mode
  • Supports BC1.2 Legacy/Proprietary Charger Detection
    • Integrated D+/D- Switches
  • Moisture Detection/Corrosion Prevention
  • High Voltage VBUS (28V)
  • Short to VBUS Protection on CC Pins (22V)
  • Dead Battery Support
  • Dual Supply Inputs from SYS and VBUS
  • I2C Programmable Configuration
  • I2C Master to Control External Charger or Direct Charge IC
  • Nine Configurable GPIOs (GPIO6 for SID)
    • SuperSpeed Mux/Detection/IRQ
    • EN/DISABLE External Switches or Devices
  • WLP 6x5 Bumps 0.5mm Pitch Package


  • 智能手机
  • 平板电脑
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MAX77958EVKIT-2S3: Evaluation Kit for the MAX77958


用户指南 7139 MAX77958 Action Table & OP Code Command Guide
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Automotive High-Current Step-Down Converter with USB-C Dedicated Charging Port

  • One-Chip Type-C Solution Directly from Car Battery to Portable Device
  • Optimal USB Charging and Communication for Portable Devices
  • Low-Noise Features Prevent Interference with AM Band and Portable Devices

Standalone USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery Controller

  • Customizable Firmware
  • USB Type-C Support and USB-PD Support
  • Supports BC1.2 Legacy/Proprietary Charger Detection


  • USB Type-C CC1/CC2保护开关
  • 集成550mΩ VCONN FET,具有250mA过流保护
  • USB 2.0 D+/D-保护开关,1GHz带宽

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用户指南 7139 MAX77958 Action Table & OP Code Command Guide