Automotive High-Current Step-Down Converter with USB Protection/Host Charger Adapter Emulation

Industry's First Synchronous USB Buck Converter with I2C and Protection/Host Charge Emulator



The MAX20037/MAX20038 ICs combine a 3.5A automotive- grade step-down converter, USB host charger adapter emulator, and USB protection switches for automotive USB host applications. The device family also includes a USB load current-sense amplifier and configurable feedback-adjustment circuit, designed to provide automatic USB voltage compensation for voltage drops in captive cables often found in automotive applications. The ICs limit the USB load current using both a fixed internal peak-current threshold of the DC-DC converter and a user-configurable external USB load current-sense amplifier threshold.

The ICs allow flexible configuration options for both stand-alone and supervised applications, and can be programmed for desired operation using both external programming resistors and/or internal I2C registers through the I2C bus.

The ICs are optimized for high-frequency operation and include programmable frequency selection from 310kHz to 2.2MHz, allowing optimization of efficiency, noise, and board space based on application requirements. The fully synchronous DC-DC converters feature integrated high-side and low-side MOSFETs, an external SYNC input/output, and can be configured for spread-spectrum operation.

The MAX20037/MAX20038 are available in a small (5mm x 5mm) 28-pin TQFN package (side-wettable available) designed to minimize required components and layout area.

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MAX20037: Simplified Typical Operating Circuit MAX20037: Simplified Typical Operating Circuit 放大+


  • One-Chip Solution Directly from Car Battery to Portable Device
    • 4.5V to 28V (40V Load Dump) Input Voltage
    • 5V, 3.5A Output Current Capability
    • Device-Attach Detection Output
    • Low-Q Current Skip and Shutdown Modes
  • Low-Noise Features Prevent Interference with AM Band and Portable Devices
    • Fixed-Frequency 275kHz to 2.2MHz Operation
    • Fixed-PWM Option at No Load
    • Spread Spectrum for EMI Reduction
    • SYNC Input/Output for Frequency Parking
  • Optimal USB Power and Communication for Portable Devices
    • User-Programmable Voltage Gain Adjusts Output for Up to 600mΩ Cable Resistance
    • User-Programmable USB Current Limit
    • USB 480Mbps/12Mbps/1.5Mbps Data Switches
    • Integrated iPod®/iPhone®/iPad® and Samsung® Charge-Detection Termination Resistors
    • Supports USB BC1.2 CDP and DCP Modes
    • Supports China YD/T 1591-2009
    • Compatible with USB On-the-Go Specification
  • Robust Design Keeps Vehicle System and Portable Devices Safe in Automotive Environment
    • Short-to-Battery Protection on DC-DC Converter Pins
    • Short-to-VBUS Protection on USB Pins (MAX20037)
    • Short-to-Battery Protection on USB Pins (MAX20038)
    • ± 15kV Air/±8kV Contact ISO 10605*
    • ± 15kV Air/±8kV Contact IEC 61000-4-2*
    • Reduced Inrush Current with Soft-Start
    • Overtemperature Protection
    • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range

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Part NumberSupported Charging ConfigurationsSupported USB Battery Charging SpecificationCharging ModesCurrent Limit Switch ControlCDP EmulationRemote Wake-Up SupportVBUS Reset Time
typSee Notes
Apple 1.0A
Apple 2.1A
China YD/T 1591-2009
Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2A
USB Dedicated Charger
Auto Detection
Auto Detection with Apple 1A
Auto Detection with Apple 2A
CDP Emulation Pass-Through
Forced Dedicated Charger
Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2A
$1.37 @1k

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MAX20037EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX20037
申请可靠性报告: MAX20037 
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Automotive High-Current Step-Down Converter with USB-C Dedicated Charging Port

  • One-Chip Type-C Solution Directly from Car Battery to Portable Device
  • Optimal USB Charging and Communication for Portable Devices
  • Low-Noise Features Prevent Interference with AM Band and Portable Devices

Standalone USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery Controller

  • Customizable Firmware
  • USB Type-C Support and USB-PD Support
  • Supports BC1.2 Legacy/Proprietary Charger Detection


  • USB Type-C CC1/CC2保护开关
  • 集成550mΩ VCONN FET,具有250mA过流保护
  • USB 2.0 D+/D-保护开关,1GHz带宽