Quad-Channel Industrial Digital Output, Digital Input

Robust, Compact, Fully Configurable Multi-Channel DIO with SafeDemagTM



The MAX14906 is an IEC 61131-2 compliant, high-speed, four-channel industrial digital output, digital input device that can be configured on a per-channel basis as a high-side (HS) switch, push-pull (PP) driver, or a Type 1 and 3, or Type 2 digital input. The MAX14906 is specified for operation with a supply voltage up to 40V and is tolerant to 65V.

The high-side switch current limiting is settable from 130mA to 1.2A with the option of 2x load inrush current. The high-side driver on-resistance is 120mΩ (typ) at 25°C ambient temperature. Optional push-pull operation allows high speed driving of cables and fast discharge of load capacitance. For digital input operation, current sinks for 2.3mA (Type 1 and 3) or 7mA (Type 2) are provided.

The SPI interface has a built-in chip addressing decoder, allowing communication with multiple MAX14906 devices utilizing a shared SPI with a common chip select active-low CS. The SPI interface provides flexibility for global and per-channel configuration and diagnostics, including supply overvoltage and undervoltage detection, wire-break or open-wire detection, thermal overload and current limit reporting, and more. For high-speed operation, the digital input and output states can be monitored and changed directly using pins for increased system speed and throughput.

Open-wire detection monitors open-wire/open-load conditions with switches in the off state. LED drivers provide indication of per-channel fault, status, and supply undervoltage conditions. Internal active clamps allow for fast turn-off of inductive loads. Integrated line-to-ground and line-to-line surge protection only requires a TVS on VDD.

The MAX14906 is available in a compact 48-pin 7mm x 7mm QFN package.

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  • Per-Channel Configurability Enables Wide Range of Applications 
    • Digital Output: High-Side (HS) Switch or Push-Pull (PP) Driver
    • Digital Input: Software Selectable Type 1 and 3, or Type 2
    • Current Limit Settable from 130mA to 1.2A
    • Serial (SPI) or Direct Operation Using Pins
    • Independent Channel Powering
  • Fault Tolerant with Built-In Diagnostics
    • Per-Channel Diagnostics
    • Integrated Voltage Supply Monitoring and Short-to-VDD Detection
    • Open-Wire/Open-Load Detection 
    • Thermal Shutdown Protection
    • Watchdog Timer
    • 5-Bit CRC Code Generation and Checking for SPI Error Detection
  • High Integration Reduces BOM Count and PCB Space 
    • Integrated LDO Compatible with 5V Logic Devices
    • Internal Active Clamps for Fast Inductive Load Turn-Off 
    • 0.6μs (typ) DO and 1μs (typ) DI Propagation Delays
    • Addressable SPI
    • 7mm x 7mm TQFN Package
  • Reduced Power and Heat Dissipation
    • Low RDSON for High-Side Switches, 120mΩ (typ)
    • Accurate Output Current Limiting
    • Accurate Input Current Sinks, Type 1 and 3, or Type 2
  • Robust Design
    • 10V to 40V Operating Supply Range, 65V Tolerant
    • SafeDemagTM Allows Fast Turn-Off of Unlimited Inductance
    • ±16kV Air-Gap ESD and ±8kV Contact ESD
    • ±1kV Surge Tolerant Using TVS Protection on VDD to GND
    • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature


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MAX14906EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX14906
申请可靠性报告: MAX14906 
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Four-Channel 12-Bit Configurable Analog Output with Integrated Voltage Reference

  • Configurable Outputs
  • System Accuracy
  • Robust with Integrated Diagnostics

Quad-Channel Industrial Digital Output, Digital Input

  • Per-Channel Configurability Enables Wide Range of Applications 
  • Fault Tolerant with Built-In Diagnostics
  • High Integration Reduces BOM Count and PCB Space