The MAX1840/MAX1841 subscriber identity module (SIM)/smart card level translators provide level shifting and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for SIM and smart card ports. These devices integrate two unidirectional level shifters for the reset and clock signals, a bidirectional level shifter for the serial data stream, and ±10kV ESD protection on all card contacts.

The MAX1840 includes a SHDN control input to aid insertion and removal of SIM and smart cards, while the MAX1841 includes a system-side data driver to support system controllers without open-drain outputs. The logic supply voltage range is +1.4V to +5.5V for the "controller side" and +1.7V to +5.5V for the "card side." Total supply current is 1.0µA. Both devices automatically shut down when either power supply is removed. For a complete SIM card interface, combine the MAX1840/MAX1841 with the MAX1686H 0V/3V/5V regulated charge pump.

The MAX1840/MAX1841 are available in ultra-small 10-pin µMAX packages that are only 1.09mm high and half the area of an 8-pin SO.

The MAX1840/MAX1841 are compliant with GSM test specifications 11.11 and 11.12.
MAX1840、MAX1841:典型工作电路 MAX1840、MAX1841:典型工作电路 放大+


  • SIM/Smart Card Level Shifting
  • +1.4V to +5.5V Controller Voltage Range
  • +1.7V to +5.5V Card Voltage Range
  • ±10kV ESD Card Socket Protection
  • Allows Level Translation with DVCC > VCC or DVCC < VCC
  • Automatically Shuts Down When Either Supply Is Removed
  • Card Contacts Actively Pulled Low During Shutdown
  • 1µA Total Quiescent Supply Current
  • 0.01µA Total Shutdown Supply Current
  • Ultra-Small 10-Pin µMAX Package
  • Compliant with GSM Test Specifications 11.11 and 11.12


  • 逻辑电平转换
  • GSM蜂窝电话的SIM接口
  • 智能读卡器


应用笔记 3007 逻辑电平转换
应用笔记 1157 Parallel-Port Interface Powers Low Voltage Systems
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应用笔记 3007 逻辑电平转换
应用笔记 1157 Parallel-Port Interface Powers Low Voltage Systems