The MAX9257A serializer pairs with the MAX9258A deserializer to form a complete digital video serial link. The MAX9257A/MAX9258A feature programmable parallel data width, parallel clock frequency range, spread spectrum, and preemphasis. An integrated control channel transfers data bidirectionally at power-up during video blanking over the same differential pair used for video data. This feature eliminates the need for external CAN or LIN interface for diagnostics or programming. The clock is recovered from input serial data at MAX9258A, hence eliminating the need for an external reference clock.

The MAX9257A serializes 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 bits with the addition of two encoding bits for AC-coupling. The MAX9258A deserializer links with the MAX9257A to deserialize a maximum of 20 (data + encoding) bits per pixel/parallel clock period for a maximum serial-data rate of 840Mbps. The word length can be adjusted to accommodate a higher pixel/parallel clock frequency. The pixel clock can vary from 5MHz to 70MHz, depending on the serial-word length. Enabling parity adds two parity bits to the serial word. The encoding bits reduce ISI and allow AC-coupling.

The MAX9258A receives programming instructions from the electronic control unit (ECU) during the control channel and transmits to the MAX9257A over the serial video link. The instructions can program or update the MAX9257A, MAX9258A, or an external peripheral device, such as a camera. The MAX9257A communicates with the peripheral device with I²C or UART.

The MAX9257A/MAX9258A operate from a +3.3V core supply and feature separate supplies for interfacing to +1.8V to +3.3V logic levels. These devices are available in 40-lead TQFN or 48-pin LQFP packages. These devices are specified over the -40°C to +105°C temperature range.


  • 10/12/14/16/18-Bit Programmable Parallel Data Width
  • MAX9258A Does Not Require Reference Clock
  • Parity Protection for Video and Control Channels
  • Programmable Spread Spectrum
  • Programmable Rising or Falling Edge for HSYNC, VSYNC, and Clock
  • Up to 10 Remotely Programmable GPIO on MAX9257A
  • Automatic Resynchronization in Case of Loss of Lock
  • MAX9257A Parallel Clock Jitter Filter PLL with Bypass
  • DC-Balanced Coding Allows AC-Coupling
  • 5 Levels of Preemphasis for Up to 20m STP Cable Drive
  • Integrity Test Using On-Chip Programmable PRBS Generator and Checker
  • LVDS I/O Meet ISO 10605 ESD Protection (±10kV Contact and ±30kV Air Discharge)
  • LVDS I/O Meet IEC 61000-4-2 ESD Protection (±8kV Contact and ±20kV Air Discharge)
  • LVDS I/O Meet ±200V Machine Model ESD Protection
  • -40°C to +105°C Operating Temperature Range
  • Space-Saving, 40-Pin TQFN (5mm x 5mm) with Exposed Pad or 48-Pin LQFP Packages
  • +3.3V Core Supply and 1.8V to 3.3V I/O Supply


  • 车载摄像机
  • 车载娱乐系统
  • 工业摄像机
  • 导航系统显示器
Part NumberSignal TypeSignal TypeFunctionsRxTxData Rates
RxTxSee Notes
MAX9257A LVCMOSLVDSSerializer1818403.3
$4.74 @1k
MAX9258A LVDSLVCMOSDeserializer118
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MAX9257AEVKIT: MAX9257A和MAX9258A评估板
MAX9258AEVKIT: MAX9257A和MAX9258A评估板

CAD Symbols and Footprints

  • MAX9258AGCM/V+
  • MAX9258AGCM/V+T
  • MAX9258AGCM/V+TW
  • MAX9258AGCM/V+W
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    3.12Gbps GMSL串行器,用于同轴电缆或STP输出及HDMI输入

    • 理想用于高清视频应用
    • 多种数据率,提高系统灵活性
    • 降低EMI和屏蔽要求

    3.12Gbps GMSL串行器,用于同轴电缆或STP输出及HDMI输入

    • 理想用于高清视频应用
    • 多种数据率,提高系统灵活性
    • 降低EMI和屏蔽要求

    3.12Gbps GMSL解串器,用于同轴电缆或STP输入及并行输出

    • 理想用于高清视频应用
    • 多种数据率,提高系统灵活性
    • 降低EMI和屏蔽要求

    3.12Gbps GMSL解串器,用于同轴电缆或STP输入及并行输出

    • 理想用于高清视频应用
    • 多种数据率,提高系统灵活性
    • 降低EMI和屏蔽要求

    3.12Gbps GMSL解串器,用于同轴电缆或STP输入和LVDS输出

    • 理想用于高清视频应用
    • 多种数据率,提高系统灵活性
    • 降低EMI和屏蔽要求

    3.12Gbps GMSL解串器,用于同轴电缆或STP输入和LVDS输出

    • 理想用于高清视频应用
    • 多种数据率,提高系统灵活性
    • 降低EMI和屏蔽要求

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    评估板7516MAX9257AEVKIT MAX9257AMAX9258A评估板
    评估板7516MAX9258AEVKIT MAX9257AMAX9258A评估板