SPI/MICROWIRE兼容的UART及±15kV ESD保护、RS-232收发器,内置电容

业内首款集成串行UART和双通道RS-232 IC



The MAX3110E/MAX3111E combine a full-featured universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART) with ±15kV ESD-protected RS-232 transceivers and integrated charge-pump capacitors into a single 28-pin package for use in space-, cost-, and power-constrained applications. The MAX3110E/MAX3111E also feature an SPI™/QSPI™/MICROWIRE™-compatible serial interface to save additional board space and microcontroller (µC) I/O pins.

A proprietary low-dropout output stage enables the 2-driver/2-receiver interface to deliver true RS-232 performance down to VCC = +3V (+4.5V for MAX3110E) while consuming only 600µA. The receivers remain active in a hardware/software-invoked shutdown, allowing external devices to be monitored while consuming only 10µA. Each device is guaranteed to operate at up to 230kbps while maintaining true EIA/TIA-232 output voltage levels.

The MAX3110E/MAX3111E's UART includes a crystal oscillator and baud-rate generator with software-programmable divider ratios for all common baud rates from 300baud to 230kbaud. The UART features an 8-word-deep receive FIFO that minimizes processor overhead and provides a flexible interrupt with four maskable sources. Two control lines (one input and one output) are included for hardware handshaking.

The UART and RS-232 functions can be used together or independently since the two functions share only supply and ground connections (the MAX3110E/MAX3111E are hardware- and software-compatible with the MAX3100 and MAX3222E).
MAX3110E、MAX3111E:典型工作电路 MAX3110E、MAX3111E:典型工作电路 放大+


  • Integration Reduces Cost and Board Space
    • Integrated RS-232 Transceiver and UART in a Single 28–Pin Package
      • Guaranteed 230kbps Data Rate
      • SPI/QSPI/MICROWIRE-Compatible µC Interface
    • Internal Charge-Pump Capacitors—No External Components Required
  • Low-Power Operation Reduces Thermal Dissipation
    • True RS-232 Operation Down to VCC = +3V (MAX3111E)
    • Single-Supply Operation
      • +5V (MAX3110E)
      • +3.3V (MAX3111E)
    • 600µA Supply Current
    • 10µA Shutdown Supply Current with Receiver Interrupt Active
  • Hardware/Software-Compatible with MAX3100 and MAX3222E


  • 手持/电池供电装置
  • 手持终端
  • 工业前面板接口
  • 销售终端机(POS)设备
  • 电信/网络诊断端口
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