Gas Flow Meter SoC

Industry's First Integrated SOC Designed to Address the Unique Requirements of Natural Gas Meters



The MAX35104 is a gas flow meter system-on-chip (SoC) targeted as an analog front-end solution for the ultrasonic gas meter and medical ventilator markets. With a time measurement accuracy of 700ps and automatic differential time of flight (TOF), the device makes for simplified computation of gaseous flow.

Power consumption is the lowest available with ultra-low 62µA time-of-flight measurement and 125nA duty-cycled temperature measurement. Multi-hit (up to six per wave) capability with stop-enable windowing allows the device to be fine-tuned for the application. Internal analog switches, a configurable three-stage integrated operational amplifier chain amplifier, and an ultra-low input offset comparator provide the analog interface and control for a minimal electrical bill of material solution. A programmable high-voltage (up to 30V) pulse launcher provides up to 19dB of transducer launch amplitude adjustment to compensate for transducer aging and temperature, pressure, humidity affects. Early edge detection ensures measurements are made with consistent wave patterns to greatly improve accuracy and eliminate erroneous measurements. Built-in arithmetic logic unit provides TOF difference measurements and programmable receiver hit accumulators to minimize the host microprocessor access. For temperature measurement, the device supports a single 2-wire PT1000 platinum resistive temperature detector (RTD) or NTC thermistor. A simple 4-wire SPI interface allows any microcontroller to effectively configure the device for its intended measurement.
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  • High Accuracy Flow Measurement for Billing and Leak Detection
    • Time-to-Digital Accuracy Down to 700ps Measurement Range Up to 8ms
    • 2 Channels: Single-Stop Channel
  • High Accuracy Temperature Measurement for Precise Flow Calculations
    • One 2-Wire Sensor: PT1000, PT500 RTD, and Thermistor Support
  • Maximizes Battery Life with Low Device and Overall System Power
    • Ultra-Low 62µA TOF Measurement and 125nA Duty-Cycled Temperature Measurement
    • Event Timing Mode with Randomizer Reduces Host µC Overhead to Minimize System Power Consumption
    • 2.3V to 3.6V Single-Supply Operation
  • High Integration Solution Minimizes Parts Count and Reduces BOM Cost
    • Built-In Real-Time Clock
    • Small, 5mm x 5mm, 40-Pin TQFN Package
    • -40°C to +85°C Operation
  • 应用

    • 医用呼吸机
    • 超声煤气表

    请查看具体的参数规格 Sensor Signal Conditioners (10)

    Part NumberSensing ElementPGA GainCalibration MethodOutput TypeICC
    typSee Notes
    Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Transducer
    Ultrasonic Transducer
    10 to 29.95 (16 gains)External microcontrollerDigital0.006SPI2.3 to 3.6
    $6.63 @1k

    Pricing Notes:

    MAX35104EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX35104
    MAX35104EVKIT2: MAX35104 评估板


  • MAX35104
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    类型 编号 标题
    评估板9763MAX35104EVKIT2 MAX35104 评估板
    评估板9198MAX35104EVKIT Evaluation Kit for the MAX35104