1-Wire® to I2C/SPI Bridge with Command Sequencer

1-Wire Slave to I2C or SPI Master Bridge Device Which Is Parasitically Powered from a Host Microcontroller.



The DS28E18 is a simple communications bridge that resides at a remote SPI or I2C sensor and allows the sensor to be controlled by just two wires coming from the host system. It reduces the wire count from six (for SPI) or four (for I2C). These two wires use Maxim's 1-Wire protocol that combines power and signal on a single wire, and which is driven by the programmable I/O pins on the host's microcontroller. The 1-Wire network supports connection lengths up to 100m and 10 sensor nodes or more.

The IC provides a 512-byte command sequencer in SRAM that can be loaded with multiple I2C or SPI commands. Once loaded, the host controller sends a command to execute the sequence, power, and collect data from attached I2C or SPI peripherals. A subsequent 1-Wire command reads collected data. Power for attached sensors or peripherals is sourced from the 1-Wire line making the DS28E18 a very efficient solution to remotely power and control complex I2C or SPI devices such as sensors, ADCs, DACs, and display controllers.

When used as a bridge for I2C slave devices, the DS28E18 communicates at standard mode (100kHz), fast mode (400kHz) or fast-mode plus (Fm+, 1MHz). In SPI mode, multiple clock rates are supported up to 2.3MHz. Configuring for I2C or SPI operation is performed with a 1-Wire command; I2C is the power-on default. When operating in I2C mode, two programmable GPIO pins are available for additional peripheral control.

Each DS28E18 provides a unique and secure 64-bit ROM identification number (ROM ID) that serves as the device's address on the 1-Wire bus. Multiple DS28E18 devices can coexist with other devices in a 1-Wire network and be accessed individually without affecting other devices.​

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  • Operate Remote I2C or SPI Devices Using Single-Contact 1-Wire Interface
    • Extending I2C/SPI Communication Distance
    • Reduce Six Wires (for SPI) or Four Wires (for I2C) to Two Wires
    • 512-Byte Sequencer for Autonomous Operation of Attached Devices
    • Two Configurable GPIO Pins for Additional Peripheral Control
  • No External Power Required
    • DS28E18 Parasitically Powered from 1-Wire
    • I2C/SPI Peripheral Power Derived from the 1-Wire Line
  • Flexible 1-Wire and I2C/SPI Master Operational Modes
    • Supports Standard (11kbps) and Overdrive (90kbps) 1-Wire Communication
    • 100kHz, 400kHz, and 1MHz for I2C Slaves
    • Up to 2.3MHz for SPI Slaves
  • Easy to Integrate
    • Small, 2mm x 3mm x 0.75mm, 8-Pin TDFN Package
    • -40°C to +85°C Operation
    • 2.97V to 3.63V Operating Voltage Range


  • 配件识别与控制
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DS28E18 NEW!
1-Wire Bridge
Command Sequencer
2.97 to 3.63
-40 to +85$0.64 @1k

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DS28E18EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the DS28E18
申请可靠性报告: DS28E18 
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1-Wire® to I2C/SPI Bridge with Command Sequencer

  • Operate Remote I2C or SPI Devices Using Single-Contact 1-Wire Interface
  • No External Power Required
  • Flexible 1-Wire and I2C/SPI Master Operational Modes
  • Easy to Integrate

I²C Low-Voltage SHA-3 Authenticator

  • Robust Countermeasures Protect Against Security Attacks
  • Efficient Secure Hash Algorithm Authenticates Peripherals
  • Supplemental Features Enable Easy Integration into End Applications

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评估板10669DS28E18EVKIT Evaluation Kit for the DS28E18