SiGe LNA可有效提高GSM三频手机的性能、减小尺寸



The MAX2651/MAX2652/MAX2653 silicon germanium (SiGe), low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) are intended for use in GSM900, DCS1800, and PCS1900 band wireless handsets. The MAX2651/MAX2652 consist of two LNAs, one optimized for the GSM900 band and the other optimized for the DCS1800/PCS1900 bands. They feature a band-select pin to switch between the two LNAs, as well as a gain-step input to reduce the gain of each LNA by 20dB and reduce supply current. The MAX2652 is functionally equivalent to the MAX2651, but features a low-power shutdown mode. The MAX2653 consists of a single LNA optimized for the DCS1800 and PCS1900 bands, and has a shutdown feature and a 20dB gain step.

The MAX2652 and MAX2653 together form an ideal solution for triple-band phone applications (GSM, DCS, and PCS bands).

The MAX2651/MAX2652/MAX2653 are fabricated using an advanced high-frequency SiGe bipolar process. As a result, all devices provide low noise figure, high gain, and high input third-order intercept point (IP3) performance at the GSM, DCS, and PCS bands. A pull-up resistor to VCC at each LNA output allows for gain adjustability. A minimal number of external components are needed for input and output matching, helping to reduce board space.

The MAX2651/MAX2652 are packaged in a 10-pin µMAX®, while the MAX2653 is packaged in an 8-pin µMAX. All devices operate from a single +2.7V to +3.3V supply.


  • Wide Operating Frequency Range
    • 800MHz to 1000MHz (MAX2651/52)
    • 1800MHz to 2000MHz (MAX2651/52/53)
  • Excellent Low-Noise Performance
    • 1.2dB/1.3dB over GSM Receive Band (MAX2651/52)
    • 1.8dB/1.8dB/1.7dB over DCS Receive Band (MAX2651/52/53)
  • High Gain
    • 18dB over GSM Receive Band (MAX2651/52)
    • 18dB/17.5dB/18.5dB over DCS Receive Band (MAX2651/52/53)
  • 20dB Gain Reduction in Low-Gain Mode
  • Externally Adjustable Gain
  • +2.7V to +3.3V Single-Supply Operation
  • Low Supply Current
    • 5.4mA to 7.0mA in High-Gain Mode
    • 2.2mA in Low-Gain Mode
  • 0.25µA Shutdown Current (MAX2652/53)


  • DCS 1800或PCS 1900单模电话
  • GSM 900/DCS 1800双频电话
  • GSM 900/DCS 1800/PCS 1900三频电话
  • IS-136 TDMA双频电话


设计指南 5100 RF和混合信号PCB的一般布局指南
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Ultra-Wideband, Direct-Conversion, L-Band Satellite Tuner

  • 925MHz to 2175MHz Frequency Range
  • Monolithic VCO
  • High Dynamic Range: -75dBm to 0dBm

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设计指南 5100 RF和混合信号PCB的一般布局指南