The MAX2420/MAX2421/MAX2422/MAX2460/MAX2463 are highly integrated front-end ICs that provide the lowest cost solution for cordless phones and ISM-band radios operating in the 900MHz band. All devices incorporate transmit and receive image-reject mixers to reduce filter cost. They operate with a +2.7V to +4.8V power supply, allowing direct connection to a three-cell battery stack.

The receive path incorporates an adjustable-gain LNA and an image-reject downconverter with 35dB image suppression. These features yield excellent combined downconverter noise figure (4dB) and high linearity with an input third-order intercept point (IP3) of up to +2dBm.

The transmitter consists of a variable-gain IF amplifier with more than 35dB control range, an image-reject upconverter with 35dB image rejection, and a power- amplifier (PA) predriver that produces up to +2dBm (in some applications serving as the final power stage).

All devices include an on-chip local oscillator (LO), requiring only an external varactor-tuned LC tank for operation. The integrated divide-by-64/65 dual-modulus prescaler can also be set to a direct mode, in which it acts as an LO buffer amplifier. Four separate power-down inputs can be used for system power management, including a 0.5µA shutdown mode. These parts are compatible with commonly used modulation schemes such as FSK, BPSK, and QPSK, as well as frequency hopping and direct sequence spread-spectrum systems. All devices come in a 28-pin SSOP package.

For applications using direct VCO or BPSK transmit modulation, as well as receive image rejection, consult the MAX2424/MAX2426 data sheet. For receive-only devices, refer to the MAX2440/MAX2441/MAX2442 data sheet.
MAX2420、MAX2421、MAX2422、MAX2460、MAX2463:典型工作电路 MAX2420、MAX2421、MAX2422、MAX2460、MAX2463:典型工作电路 放大+


  • Receive/Transmit Mixers with 35dB Image Rejection
  • Adjustable-Gain LNA
  • Up to +2dBm Combined Receiver Input IP3
  • 4dB Combined Receiver Noise Figure
  • >35dB of Transmit Power Control Range
  • PA Predriver Provides up to +2dBm
  • Low Current Consumption:
    • 23mA Receive
    • 26mA Transmit
    • 9.5mA Oscillator
  • 0.5µA Shutdown Mode
  • Operates from Single +2.7V to +4.8V Supply


  • 无绳电话
  • 扩频通信
  • 双向寻呼
  • 无线网络
  • 无线遥感勘测


设计指南 5100 RF和混合信号PCB的一般布局指南
申请可靠性报告: MAX2422 
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备注: 通过技术手段对故障率进行汇总,并映射到相关的材料部件号。 故障率与被测件的数量密切相关。

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290MHz to 960MHz ASK/FSK Receiver with SPI Interface

  • Low Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Long Range with High Sensitivity
  • Low Power Consumption

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设计指南 5100 RF和混合信号PCB的一般布局指南