900MHz ISM波段、250mW功率放大器,带有模拟或数字增益控制



The MAX2232/MAX2233 low-voltage, silicon RF power amplifiers (PAs) are designed for use in the 900MHz ISM band. They operate from a single +2.7V to +5.5V supply, allowing them to be powered directly from a 3-cell NiCd or a 1-cell Lithium-Ion battery. The devices typically deliver 250mW (+24dBm) of output power at 915MHz from a single +3.6V supply, or 150mW (+22dBm) from a single +2.7V supply. At +24dBm output power, power-added efficiency (PAE) is 44%.

The MAX2232/MAX2233 provide 24dB of gain, which is adjustable over a continuous 24dB span via the analog gain-control pin of the MAX2232 or in two 10dB steps via the 2-bit programmable gain-control DAC of the MAX2233. An external capacitor sets the RF output power envelope ramp time, reducing spurious emissions during power-up and power-down by providing a gradual change in output power (MAX2232).

The MAX2232/MAX2233 feature a low-power shutdown mode, which typically draws less than 1µA of supply current, saving power during "idle slots" in time-division multiple-access (TDMA) systems. The ΔVSWR of the RF input in shutdown mode relative to normal operation is 1.2:1. The devices also feature a thermal shutdown function, enabling the PA to protect itself from excessive temperature conditions that could damage the IC. A capacitor to ground limits thermal cycling by setting a thermal shutdown timeout period.

The MAX2232/MAX2233 are available in a space-saving, thermally enhanced 16-pin power-QSOP (PQSOP) package.
MAX2232、MAX2233:典型应用电路 MAX2232、MAX2233:典型应用电路 放大+


  • 800MHz to 1000MHz Frequency Range
  • 250mW (+24dBm) Output Power at 915MHz from +3.6V Supply
  • +2.7V to +5.5V Single-Supply Operation
  • 44% Power-Added Efficiency
  • 24dB Power Gain
  • 24dB Analog Gain-Control Range (MAX2232)
  • Three Levels of Digitally Programmed Power Gain in 10dB Steps (MAX2233)
  • Programmable RF Power Envelope Ramping (MAX2232)
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Programmable Thermal Shutdown Timeout Period
  • 0.2µA Low-Power Shutdown Mode
  • Low ΔVSWR in Standby and Shutdown Modes


  • 868MHz欧洲ISM波段
  • 900MHz ISM波段应用
  • 数字无绳电话
  • FM模拟发送器
  • 无线数据

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Part NumberFrequency
Efficiency (%)Low Power ShutdownFootprint
(mm x mm)
(min)(max)(See Notes)
MAX2232 80010002444Yes3.9 x 6.0
$2.34 @1k
MAX2233 -
$2.25 @1k

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设计指南 5100 RF和混合信号PCB的一般布局指南
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设计指南 5100 RF和混合信号PCB的一般布局指南