The MAX3831/MAX3832 are 4:1 multiplexers (muxes) and 1:4 demultiplexers (demuxes) with automatic channel alignment. Operating from a single +3.3V supply, the mux receives four parallel, 622Mbps SDH/SONET channels. These channels are bit interleaved to generate a serial data stream of 2.488Gbps for interfacing to an optical or an electrical driver. A 10-bit-wide elastic buffer tolerates up to ±7.5ns skew between any parallel data input and the reference clock. An external 155MHz reference clock is required for the on-chip PLL to synthesize a high-frequency 2.488GHz clock for timing the outgoing data streams.

The MAX3831/MAX3832's demux receives 2.488Gbps serial data and the 2.488GHz clock from an external clock/data recovery device (MAX3876), converting it to four 622Mbps LVDS outputs. The MAX3831 provides a 622MHz LVDS clock output, and the MAX3832 provides a 155MHz LVDS clock output. An internal frame detector looks for a 622Mbps SDH/SONET framing pattern and rolls the demux to maintain proper channel assignment at the outputs.

These devices also include an embedded pattern generator that enables a full-speed, built-in self-test (BIST). Two different loopback modes provide system test flexibility. A TTL loss-of-frame monitor is included. The MAX3831/MAX3832 are available in 64-pin TQFP-EP (exposed paddle) packages and are specified over the upper commercial (0°C to +85°C) temperature range.
MAX3831、MAX3832:典型工作电路 MAX3831、MAX3832:典型工作电路 放大+


  • +3.3V Single Supply
  • 1.45W Power Dissipation
  • 4-Channel Mux/Demux with Fully Integrated 2.488GHz Clock Generator
  • Frame Detection Maintains Channel Assignment
  • ±7.5ns Elastic Store Range
  • 2.5ps RMS Serial-Data Output Random Jitter
  • 8ps Serial Data Output Deterministic Jitter
  • 622Mbps LVDS Parallel Input/Output
  • 2.488Gbps Serial CML Input/Output
  • On-Chip Pattern Generator Provides High-Speed BIST
  • System Test Flexibility: System Loopback, Line Loopback
  • Loss-of-Frame Indicator


  • ATM交换网络
  • 密集数字交叉连接
  • 高速并行链接
  • 机架内/子机架互连
  • 传输线延伸
产品可靠性报告: MAX3831.pdf 
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备注: 通过技术手段对故障率进行汇总,并映射到相关的材料部件号。 故障率与被测件的数量密切相关。

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