Optical Microcontroller

Advanced Optical µC Enables High-Performance MSA-Compliant SFP+, QSFP+, and PON-OLT Transceivers



The DS4830A is a low-power, 16-bit microcontroller with a unique peripheral set supporting optical applications that require high-resolution conversion of many analog signals and digital signal processing (DSP) of those signals, high-speed data communication to an external host, and ultra-low power dissipation. A wide variety of optical transceiver controller applications is supported without need of external circuitry, thereby minimizing cost and PCB area.

Power dissipation and throughput are optimized through the use of a programmable round-robin analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and 10-bit fast comparator, which operate completely independently of the core and significantly relieve core overhead. A dual multiply/accumulate (MAC) is included to minimize interrupt service timing/design complexity. Ten 16-bit PWM channels are included to provide an unprecedented level of precision in digital power-control applications.

The DS4830A provides a complete optical control, calibration, and monitor solution compatible with SFF-8472. Additional resources include a fast/accurate ADC, fast comparators with an internal comparison digital-to-analog converter (DAC), eight independent 12-bit DACs, an accurate internal temperature sensor, two fast sample/holds with various programmable options, and a multiprotocol serial master/slave interface. An independent, 400kHz-compliant, slave I2C interface with four configurable slave addresses facilitates communication to a host, in addition to password-protected in-system programming of the on-chip flash.

Extensive design-in and applications support are available, including comprehensive user’s and programmer’s guides, complete reference designs with documented code, and in-depth application notes showing numerous code examples in both C and assembly language. Firmware development is supported by third-party vendors.
DS4830A: Typical Operating Circuit DS4830A: Typical Operating Circuit 放大+


  • 16-Bit Low Power Microcontroller
  • Slave Communication Interface: 400kHz without Clock Stretching I2C Compatible 2-Wire or SPI
  • Master Communication Interface: 400kHz I²C-Compatible 2-Wire, SPI, or Maxim 3-Wire Laser Driver
  • Pin-Compatible with DS4830
  • 32KWords Flash Program Memory
  • 2KWords Data RAM
  • 4KWords ROM Memory
  • 32-Level Stack Memory
  • 2.85V to 3.63V Operating Voltage Range
  • 8 Independent 12-Bit Voltage DACs with 2.5V Internal Reference or External Reference
  • 10 x 16-Bit PWM Channels
    • Supports 4-Channel TECC H-Bridge Control
    • Boost/Buck DC-DC Control
    • 1MHz Switching Frequency
  • 13-Bit ADC with 26-Input Mux
    • 40ksps
    • Individual Channel Averaging Option
  • Two Independent Sample/Holds with Individual Channel Averaging Option
    • 1V Full Scale
    • 300ns Sample Time
  • Fast Temperature Measurement with Averaging Option
    • Internal Temperature Sensor, ±2°C
  • 10-Bit Fast Comparator with 16 Input Mux
  • 31 GPIO Pins
  • Internal 20MHz Oscillator
  • Up to 133MHz External Clock for PWM and Timers
  • Two 16-Bit Timers and One Programmable Watchdog Timer
  • Maskable Interrupt Sources
  • Fast Hardware CRC-8 for Packet Error Checking (PEC)
  • I2C and JTAG Bootloader
  • Four Software Interrupts
  • Supply Voltage Monitor (SVM) and Brownout Monitor
  • JTAG Port with In-System Debug and Programming
  • Low Power Consumption (16mA) with All Analog Active
  • 5mm x 5mm, 40-Pin TQFN Package


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请查看具体的参数规格 Fiber Monitoring and Control (19)

Part NumberADCsResolution
DACs/ ResistorsFS Out
StepsTemp. SensorMemoryVSUPPLY
Control InterfacePackage/PinsBudgetary
See Notes
DS4830A 18-Input Muxable13
2 DACs
8 DACs
NoneNoneInternalProgram3.0 to 3.6
JTAG Bootloader
$3.15 @1k

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Part NumberMCU CoreCore Clock Speed
Data ProcessingInternal Flash
Internal SRAM
SPI BusI2C BusGPIO PinsPWMTimer FeaturesPackage/Pins
DS4830A MAXQ201016-bit32121 Master, 1 Slave3110Brownout Monitor
See Data Sheet

Pricing Notes:
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