The DS21Q58 E1 quad transceiver contains all the necessary functions for connecting to four E1 lines. The DS21Q58 is a direct replacement for the DS21Q50, with the addition of signaling access and improved interrupt handling. It is composed of a line interface unit (LIU), framer, and a TDM backplane interface, and is controlled through an 8-bit parallel port configured for Intel or Motorola bus operations or serial port operation.


  • Four Complete E1 (CEPT) PCM-30/ISDN-PRI Transceivers
  • Pin Compatible with the DS21Q50 and DS21Q59
  • Short-Haul Line Interfaces
  • 32-Bit or 128-Bit Crystal-Less Jitter Attenuator
  • Frames to FAS, CAS, and CRC4 Formats
  • CAS/CCS Signaling Support
  • 4MHz/8MHz/16MHz Clock Synthesizer
  • Flexible System Clock with Automatic Source Switching on Loss-of-Clock Source
  • Two-Frame Elastic-Store Slip Buffer on the Receive Side
  • Interleaving PCM Bus Operation Up to 16.384MHz
  • Configurable Parallel and Serial Port Operation
  • Detects and Generates Remote and AIS Alarms
  • Fully Independent Transmit and Receive Functionality
  • Four Separate Loopback Functions
  • PRBS Generation/Detection/Error Counting
  • 3.3V Low-Power CMOS
  • Large Counters for Bipolar and Code Violations, CRC4 Codeword Errors, FAS Word Errors, and E Bits
  • Eight Additional User-Configurable Output Pins
  • 100-Pin (14mm x 14mm) LQFP Package


  • 上/下路复用器
  • 局端设备
  • 用户授权设备
  • DSLAM背板
  • IMA
  • 线卡
  • PBX
  • 路由器/交换机
  • 路由器/交换机
  • 定时系统
  • WAN接口


应用笔记 3121 选择T1/E1/J1单片收发器
应用笔记 351 T1/E1 and T3/E3 Transformer Selection Guide
产品可靠性报告: DS21Q58.pdf 
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备注: 通过技术手段对故障率进行汇总,并映射到相关的材料部件号。 故障率与被测件的数量密切相关。

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Ultra-Wideband, Direct-Conversion, L-Band Satellite Tuner

  • 925MHz to 2175MHz Frequency Range
  • Monolithic VCO
  • High Dynamic Range: -75dBm to 0dBm

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应用笔记 3121 选择T1/E1/J1单片收发器
应用笔记 351 T1/E1 and T3/E3 Transformer Selection Guide