The MAX1110/MAX1111 low-power, 8-bit, 8-channel analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) feature an internal track/hold, voltage reference, clock, and serial interface. They operate from a single 2.7V to 5.5V supply and consume only 85µA while sampling at rates up to 50ksps. The MAX1110's 8 analog inputs and the MAX1111's 4 analog inputs are software-configurable, allowing unipolar/bipolar and single-ended/differential operation.

Successive-approximation conversions are performed using either the internal clock or an external serial-interface clock. The full-scale analog input range is determined by the 2.048V internal reference, or by an externally applied reference ranging from 1V to VDD. The 4-wire serial interface is compatible with the SPI™, QSPI™, and MICROWIRE™ serial-interface standards. A serial-strobe output provides the end-of-conversion signal for interrupt-driven processors.

The MAX1110/MAX1111 have a software-programmable, 2µA automatic power-down mode to minimize power consumption. Using power-down, the supply current is reduced to 6µA at 1ksps, and only 52µA at 10ksps. Power-down can also be controlled using the active-low SHDN input pin. Accessing the serial interface automatically powers up the device.

The MAX1110 is available in a 20-pin SSOP package. The MAX1111 is available in a small 16-pin QSOP package.
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  • 2.7V to 5.5V Single Supply
  • Low Power
    • 85µA at 50ksps
    • 6µA at 1ksps
  • 8-Channel Single-Ended or 4-Channel Differential Inputs (MAX1110)
  • 4-Channel Single-Ended or 2-Channel Differential Inputs (MAX1111)
  • Internal Track/Hold; 50kHz Sampling Rate
  • Internal 2.048V Reference
  • SPI/QSPI/MICROWIRE-Compatible Serial Interface
  • Software-Configurable Unipolar or Bipolar Inputs
  • Total Unadjusted Error
    • ±1 LSB (max)
    • ±0.3 LSB (typ)


  • 4mA-20mA远端供电数据采集系统
  • 手持测量设备
  • 医疗仪器
  • 便携式数据记录
  • 太阳能供电远端系统
  • 系统诊断

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MAX1110EVKIT: MAX1110和MAX1112评估板
MAX1112EVKIT: MAX1110和MAX1112评估板
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评估板1679MAX1112EVKIT MAX1110MAX1112评估板
评估板1679MAX1110EVKIT MAX1110MAX1112评估板