Evaluation System for the MAX98390



For stereo evaluation and design use a MAX98390EVSYS# board with a MAX98390-ST-AUX# stereo expansion board.

The MAX98390C/D evaluation system (EV system) eval- uates the MAX98390C or the MAX98390D boosted Class D audio amplifier with integrated Dynamic Speaker ManagementTM (DSM) IC. DSM senses the voltage and current at the load and uses patented Maxim algorithms to unlock the full potential of the speaker. The EV sys- tem comprises the MAX98390C or the MAX98390D Development Board (DEV board), Maxim’s Audio Interface Board III (AUDINT3), 5V power supply, reference micro- speaker, USB cable, DSM Sound Studio software, and MAX98390 evaluation software.

It is recommended that the DEV board be evaluated with the AUDINT3 board as an EV system. MAX98390C/D supports standard I2S, left-justified, and TDM digital audio interfaces, as well as I2C for control.

The AUDINT3 board provides 1.8V DVDD, USB-to-PCM, and USB-to-I2C interfaces that are needed to evaluate the DEV board, requiring only a single external power supply for VBAT. The Simplified EV System Block Diagram details the DEV board and the AUDINT3 board.

The easy-to-use DSM Sound Studio software has a simple, yet powerful graphical user interface (GUI) that breaks down the DSM design process into three basic steps: extract, tune, and evaluate. Additionally, DSM Sound Studio provides for a 7 minute quick demo to hear the DSM difference using the included reference microspeaker.

There is also the MAX98390 evaluation software that provides complete access to all hardware registers.


  • Complete Hardware System with Easy Setup, No Tools or Special Equipment Required
  • Precharacterized Reference Microspeaker Included
  • Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interfaces Software (Windows® 7/10 Compatible)
  • DSM Sound Studio
    • Quick Demo Using Included Speaker
    • Extract: Speaker Parameter Extraction
    • Tune: Full Acoustic Tuning Suite
    • Evaluate: Compare Different Tunings
  • MAX98390 Evaluation Software
    • Complete Access to All Hardware Registers


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申请可靠性报告: MAX98390EVSYS 
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备注: 通过技术手段对故障率进行汇总,并映射到相关的材料部件号。 故障率与被测件的数量密切相关。

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  • 宽输入电压范围(3.0V至14V)
  • DG类操作实现业界领先的静态功耗
  • 超低噪底