The MAX4691–MAX4694 are low-voltage CMOS analog ICs configured as an 8-channel multiplexer (MAX4691), two 4-channel multiplexers (MAX4692), three single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) switches (MAX4693), and four SPDT switches (MAX4694).

The MAX4691/MAX4692/MAX4693 operate from either a single +2V to +11V power supply or dual ±2V to ±5.5V power supplies. When operating from ±5V supplies they offer 25Ω on-resistance (RON), 3.5Ω (max) RON flatness, and 3Ω (max) matching between channels. The MAX4694 operates from a single +2V to +11V supply. Each switch has rail-to-rail signal handling and a low 1nA leakage current.

All digital inputs are 1.8V logic-compatible when operating from a +3V supply and TTL compatible when operating from a +5V supply.

The MAX4691–MAX4694 are available in 16-pin, 4mm x 4mm QFN and TQFN and 16-bump UCSP packages. The chip-scale package (UCSP™) occupies a 2mm x 2mm area, significantly reducing the required PC board area.
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  • 16 Bump, 0.5mm-Pitch UCSP (2mm x 2mm)
  • 1.8V Logic Compatibility
  • Guaranteed On-Resistance
    • 70Ω (max) with +2.7V Supply
    • 35Ω (max) with +5V Supply
    • 25Ω (max) with ±4.5V Dual Supplies
  • Guaranteed Match Between Channels
    • 5Ω (max) with +2.7V Supply
    • 3Ω (max) with ±4.5V Dual Supplies
  • Guaranteed Flatness Over Signal Range
    • 3.5Ω (max) with ±4.5V Dual Supplies
  • Low Leakage Currents Over Temperature
    • 20nA (max) at +85°C
  • Fast 90ns Transition Time
  • Guaranteed Break-Before-Make
  • Single-Supply Operation from +2V to +11V
  • Dual-Supply Operation from ±2V to ±5.5V (MAX4691/MAX4692/MAX4693)
  • V+ to V- Signal Handling
  • Low Crosstalk: -90dB (100kHz)
  • High Off-Isolation: -88dB (100kHz)


  • 音频/视频信号切换
  • 电池供电设备
  • 蜂窝电话
  • 通信电路
  • 调制解调器


应用笔记 4930 DS2409 MicroLAN™耦合器设计替代方案
产品可靠性报告: MAX4693.pdf 
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备注: 通过技术手段对故障率进行汇总,并映射到相关的材料部件号。 故障率与被测件的数量密切相关。

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应用笔记 4930 DS2409 MicroLAN™耦合器设计替代方案