The MAX4626/MAX4627/MAX4628 are low-on-resistance, low-voltage, single-pole/single-throw (SPST) analog switches that operate from a +1.8V to +5.5V single supply. The MAX4626 is normally open (NO), and the MAX4627 is normally closed (NC). The MAX4628 is normally open (NO) and has two control inputs. These devices also have fast switching speeds (tON = 50ns max, tOFF = 30ns max).

When powered from a +5V supply, the MAX4626/ MAX4627/MAX4628 offer 0.5Ω max on-resistance (RON) with 0.1Ω max RON flatness, and their digital logic inputs are TTL compatible. These switches also feature overcurrent protection to prevent device damage from short circuits and excessive loads.

The MAX4626 is pin compatible with the MAX4514, and the MAX4627 is pin compatible with the MAX4515. The MAX4626/MAX4627 are available in SOT23-5 packages; the MAX4628 is available in a SOT23-6 package.
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  • Low RON
    • 0.5Ω max (+5V Supply)
    • 0.9Ω max (+3V Supply)
  • 0.1Ω max RON Flatness (+5V Supply)
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Single-Supply Operation (+1.8V to +5.5V)
  • Available in SOT23 Packages
  • Fast Switching: tON = 50ns max, tOFF = 30ns max
  • TTL-Logic Compatible at +5V
  • Pin Compatible with MAX4514 (MAX4626)
  • Pin Compatible with MAX4515 (MAX4627)


  • 音频/视频信号切换
  • 电池供电应用
  • 蜂窝电话
  • 通信系统
  • 硬盘驱动器
  • 低电压数据采集
  • 调制解调器
  • 电源切换

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应用笔记 844 Low-Cost Anemometer Fights Dust
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应用笔记 844 Low-Cost Anemometer Fights Dust