Octal 5-Level Pulser with T/R Switch and Embedded Beamforming

Industry's first Octal 5 level Pulser with Beamforming Simplifies Design and Saves Power in Portable Ultrasound System



The MAX14815 is a highly integrated, octal 5-level, high-voltage ultrasound transmitter (pulser).

The pulser generates high-frequency HV bipolar pulses for driving piezoelectric transducers in ultrasound systems from two independent pairs of HV supplies. Each channel can transmit up to 200VPP with up to 2A current capability and features an integrated 2A active clamp (Return to Zero). The current capability can be programmed down to 0.4A.

The pulser can be controlled using embedded digital resources (SRAM and state machine) that can be used to support transmit beamforming, resulting in dramatic savings in the number of interconnects and FPGA I/Os. The embedded digital resources are programmed via a high-speed serial interface and support sophisticated transmit techniques like PWM for burst shaping and apodization for beam shaping.

Alternatively, the device can be controlled in a conventional manner by an external digital source (FPGA) through dedicated CMOS logic inputs.

The MAX14815 also features eight independent low-noise, low-impedance active T/R switches.

The T/R switches can be externally configured to support receive multiplexing in which a fewer number of receive channels than transmit channels are used.

The MAX14815 is packaged in a 10mm x 10mm TQFN package.


  • Optimized for Compact and Portable Applications
    • High-Density, Eight-Channel 5-Level Pulser in a 68-Pin, 10mm x 10mm TQFN Package
    • Integrated Low-Power, Low-Noise Active T/R Switches
    • DirectDrive® Architecture Eliminates External Floating Power Supply (FPS) and HV Signal Capacitors
    • Embedded Beam Formation Eliminates Transmit FPGA, Simplifies PCB Layout, and EasesSynchronization.
  • Flexibility
    • Supports Receive Multiplexing
    • Can Use Internal/External Beamforming Resources
  • Embedded Digital Resources for Beamforming
    • 1K x 24 Pulse Wave Table Memory Stores up to 1024 Unique Patterns 8 Symbols Each(3 bits/symbol)
    • 1.5K x 24 Line Number Memory Stores Delayand Pattern Address Information for Up to 1.5K Different Lines
    • 128 x 24 Line Type Registers Store Global Line Type Information Common to All Channels
    • State Machine for Delay Beam Formation with 5ns Time Resolution
    • Programmable Number of Cycles and Pattern Timebase (Sample Duration)
  • High Performance (Designed to Enhance Image Quality)
    • Excellent -40dBc at 5MHz Second HarmonicDistortion and Pulse Inversion
    • Low-Propagation Delay 14ns (typ) Ensures Excel¬lent Phase Noise for Doppler Modes and Excellent Part-to-Part Matching
    • Fast Rising/Falling Edges Enable Fine Resolution PWM and Acoustic Power Control
  • Low Power
    • Low Quiescent Power Dissipation (4.3mW/Channel Typical)
    • Programmable Current Capability for CWD and Low-Voltage Modes
  • Robustness
    • Thermal Warning at 110°C
    • Thermal Shutdown at 150°C
    • Output-Clamping Diodes to the HV Rails


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MAX14815EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX14815
申请可靠性报告: MAX14815 
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