The MAX4188/MAX4189/MAX4190 are low-power, current-feedback video amplifiers featuring fast disable/ enable times and low switching transients. The triple MAX4188 and the single MAX4190 are optimized for applications with closed-loop gains of +2V/V (6dB) or greater and provide a -3dB bandwidth of 200MHz and 185MHz, respectively. The triple MAX4189 is optimized for closed-loop applications with gains of +1V/V (0dB) or greater and provides a 250MHz -3dB bandwidth. These amplifiers feature 0.1dB gain flatness up to 80MHz with differential gain and phase errors of 0.03% and 0.05°. These features make the MAX4188 family ideal for video applications.

The MAX4188/MAX4189/MAX4190 operate from a +5V single supply or from ±2.25V to ±5.5V dual supplies. These amplifiers consume only 1.5mA per amplifier and are capable of delivering ±55mA of output current, making them ideal for portable and battery-powered equipment.

The MAX4188/MAX4189/MAX4190 have a high-speed disable/enable mode that isolates the inputs, places the outputs in a high-impedance state, and reduces the supply current to 450µA per amplifier. Each amplifier can be disabled independently. High off isolation, low switching transient, and fast enable/disable times (120ns/35ns) allow these amplifiers to be used in a wide range of multiplexer applications. A settling time of 22ns to 0.1%, a slew rate of up to 350V/µs, and low distortion make these devices useful in many generalpurpose, high-speed applications.

The MAX4188/MAX4189 are available in a tiny 16-pin QSOP package, and the MAX4190 is available in a space-saving 8-pin µMAX® package.

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  • Low Supply Current: 1.5mA per Amplifier
  • Fast Enable/Disable Times: 120ns/35ns
  • Very Low Switching Transient: 45mVp-p
  • High Speed
    • 200MHz -3dB Small-Signal Bandwidth (MAX4188, AVCL ≥ +2)
    • 250MHz -3dB Small-Signal Bandwidth (MAX4189, AVCL ≥ +1)
    • 185MHz -3dB Small-Signal Bandwidth (MAX4190, AVCL ≥ +2)
  • High Slew Rate
    • 350V/µs (MAX4188, AVCL ≥ +2)
    • 175V/µs (MAX4189, AVCL ≥ +1)
  • Excellent Video Specifications
    • 85MHz -0.1dB Gain Flatness (MAX4190)
    • 30MHz -0.1dB Gain Flatness (MAX4189)
    • Differential Gain/Phase Errors 0.03%/0.05° (MAX4188)
  • Low-Power Disable Mode
    • Inputs Isolated, Outputs Placed in High-Z
    • Supply Current Reduced to 450µA per Amplifier
  • Fast Settling Time of 22ns to 0.1%
  • Low Distortion
    • 70dB SFDR (fc = 5MHz, VO = 2Vp-p, MAX4188)
  • Available in Space-Saving Packages
    • 16-Pin QSOP (MAX4188/MAX4189)
    • 8-Pin µMAX (MAX4190)


  • 高清晰度视频监视器
  • 高速模数转换缓冲器
  • 高速信号处理
  • 高速开关/多路复用系统
  • 便携式电池供电视频/多媒体系统
  • RGB分配放大器
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