The MAX4144/MAX4145/MAX4146 differential line receivers offer unparalleled high-speed, low-distortion performance. Using a three op-amp instrumentation amplifier architecture, these ICs have fully symmetrical differential inputs and a single-ended output. They operate from ±5V power supplies and are capable of driving a 150Ω load to ±3.7V. The MAX4144 has an internally set closed-loop gain of +2V/V. The MAX4145 is optimized for gains from +1V/V to +10V/V, while the MAX4146 is optimized for gains from +10V/V to +100V/V. The MAX4145/MAX4146 require a single external resistor to set the closed-loop gain.

These amplifiers use laser-trimmed, matched thin-film resistors to deliver a common-mode rejection (CMR) of up to 90dB at 10MHz. Using current-feedback techniques, the MAX4144 achieves a 130MHz bandwidth and a 1000V/µs slew rate. The MAX4145 achieves a bandwidth of 180MHz and a slew rate of 600V/µs while operating with a closed-loop gain of +1V/V, and the MAX4146 features a bandwidth of 70MHz and a slew rate of 800V/µs with a gain of +10V/V. Excellent differential gain/phase and noise specifications make these amplifiers ideal for a wide variety of video and RF signal-processing applications.

For a complete differential transmission link, use the MAX4144/MAX4145/MAX4146 with the MAX4147 differential line driver (see the MAX4147 data sheet for more information).
MAX4144、MAX4145、MAX4146:典型工作电路 MAX4144、MAX4145、MAX4146:典型工作电路 放大+


  • +2V/V Internally Fixed Gain
  • 130MHz Bandwidth
  • 1000V/µs Slew Rate
  • 70dB CMR at 10MHz
  • -90dBc SFDR (f = 10kHz)
  • Low Differential Gain/Phase: 0.03%/0.03°
  • 800µA Shutdown
  • External Gain Selection from +1V/V to +10V/V
  • 180MHz Bandwidth
  • 90MHz 0.1dB Gain Flatness
  • 600V/µs Slew Rate
  • 75dB CMR at 10MHz
  • -92dBc SFDR (f = 10kHz)
  • Very Low Noise: 3.8nV/ (G = +10V/V)
  • 800µA Shutdown
  • External Gain Selection from +10V/V to +100V/V
  • 70MHz Bandwidth (AV = +10V/V)
  • 800V/µs Slew Rate
  • 90dB CMR at 10MHz
  • -82dBc SFDR (f = 10kHz)
  • Very Low Noise: 3.45nV/ (G = +100V/V)
  • 800µA Shutdown


  • 数据采集
  • 差分至单端转换
  • 高速差分线接收器
  • 高速仪表放大器
  • 医疗仪表
  • 双绞线至同轴电缆转换器
产品可靠性报告: MAX4144.pdf 
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