The DS1044 4-in-1 High-Speed Silicon Delay Line has four independent, buffered delays that reproduce logic inputs after delays ranging from 5ns to 25ns at each output. Nominal tolerance is ±1.5ns with additional tolerance of ±1.0ns over temperature and voltage for faster delays (see table). Both leading- and trailing-edge accuracy are specified. Each output can drive up to ten 74LS loads.

The DS1044 is a fast 4-in-1 timing circuit with functional similarity to the DS1035, which has three delays. As a delay line, the DS1044 provides an effective, economical solution to the designer working with the complex timing requirements of mismatched ASICs or other components, or with the strict timing tolerances of increasing system clock rates. Besides fine-tuning system timing, the DS1044 an also function as a pulse width modulator or free-running oscillator. Innovative circuit designs and factory laser or EPROM trimming enhance accuracy without the need for external components, saving cost and space.


  • All-silicon timing circuit
  • Four independent, buffered delays ranging from 5ns to 25ns
  • Initial delay tolerance of ±1.5ns
  • Precision maintained over temperature voltage
  • Leading and trailing edge precision
  • Vapor phase, IR, and wave solderable
产品可靠性报告: DS1044.pdf 
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