Designing High-Quality Smart-Grid Equipment


"Maxim ICs are good for the power grid, and we hope Maxim can develop more products for this application area.”
  - Mr. Chen Qiurong, Sr. Manager of Hardware R&D, Beijing Sifang Automation

Featured products: MAX125, MAX16006, MAX6725, MAX13487E, MAX14841E, DS1338Z

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Unveiling the Smallest LoRaWAN Module for IoT


"Maxim offers a portfolio of chipsets and solutions that have the potential to disrupt current IoT solutions.”
  -Dr. Schekeb Fateh, Business Development, Miromico

Featured products: MAX32625, MAX32626

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Providing Small, Efficient Industrial Automation Products


"Our purpose is to make our customers’ products more integrated. Maxim’s digital input, for example, is more integrated, which can make our customers’ products smaller and more efficient.”
  -Mr. Xia Xianqiu, R&D Manager, HollySys

Featured products: MAX14912, MAX22190, MAX14931, MAX17503, MAX3042, MAX3094E, MAX6071, MAX14783E, MAX14945

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Producing World-Class Portable Sound Systems


"As we experiment with speaker sound using the MAX98390, we can quickly know the possible sound effects of the final product.”
  -Henry, Acoustic Engineer, Soundmatters

Featured product: MAX98390

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Keeping Race Car Batteries Safe


"We chose the iButton because it is easily implemented, as it does not need any connector or external power supply. It is also very robust.”
  -Sarah Battige, Formula Student Germany Operative Team

Featured product: DS1922T

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Creating High-Quality Smart Metering Solution


"MAX22445 helped us pass meter type tests with more stringent requirements than IEC.”
 -Joe Leong Kok Keen, Staff Design Engineer, Hardware, EDMI

Featured product: MAX22445

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Improving Patient Outcomes with Remote Monitoring


"The DS1340 gave us a shorter design cycle as it has a built-in crystal.""
 -Neil Lundy, Technical Manager of Electronics, Philips RDT

Featured product: DS1340

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Creating Assistive Devices with Maxim Biosensors


"You have a solution (Health Sensor Platform 2.0) that is really quite excellent. I was able to leverage everything. All the sensors are Maxim sensors."
 -Marty Stone, Founder and President, Atec Inc.

Featured products: MAX30001, Health Sensor Platform 2.0, MAX86141, MAX30205, MAX32630, MAX20303, MAX32664

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Creating Autonomous Seismic Recording Solutions


"The power/performance and fidelity are two of the ingredients that made the MAX11216 attractive to us.”
 - Richard Degner, CEO and President, GTI

Featured products: MAX11216, MAX6126, MAX4736, MAX14689, MAX7315

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Unlocking Human Performance with MAX32652


With 3MB flash, 1MB SRAM, and multiple memory-expansion interfaces, the MAX32652 provides the onboard memory and processing power at low power consumption WHOOP needed.

Featured products: MAX32652, MAX14745, MAX17223

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Designing Function-Rich Diving Computers


"The MAX4257 is the best component I know on the market, with a very small package, very low noise, high gain, and very low power consumption.”
 - Vittorio Loggia, Electronic Designer and Product Manager, ROJ

Featured products: MAX4257, MAX17112, MAX4983E, MAX77801, and MAX6778

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Designing Flexible, Long-Range Wireless IoT Sensors


"Working with the Maxim team allowed us to accelerate things and, in aggregate, get ahead of schedule by nearly a month.”
 -Steve Kilts, CEO, Radio Bridge

Featured product: MAX31856

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Delivering Louder, Richer Sound from Micro Speakers


"Having the MAX98390 in my toolbox to increase the ability of our micro speakers makes my job easier and our customers much happier—which is the ultimate goal.”
 -Michael Van Den Broek, Senior Applications Engineer, PUI Audio

Featured product: MAX98390

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Meeting Food Quality Criteria


"For our purpose, the iButton is the perfect choice because it’s so small, robust, and can be reused many times.”
 -Dr. Thijs Defraeye, Laboratory for Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles, Empa

Featured product: DS1922L

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Advancing Digital TV Technologies


"Our DVB-C modulators based on the MAX5862 and MAX5868 integrate 32 channels on a single board and up to 96 channels in a single chassis."
 -Mr. Gang Ma, General Manager, R&D, Gospell Digital Technology

Featured products: MAX5862, MAX5868

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Mouth-Based Biometrics Monitoring


"The Maxim chips performed beautifully when we used them. It really has become a standard with many companies."
 -Mike Saigh, CEO, Equine SmartBits

Featured products: MAX30102, MAX32664, MAX30205, MAX8808X, MAX40200, MAX8902, MAX6775

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Enabling High-Performance Automotive Infotainment


"MAX9286 is highly integrated and can support up to four camera links. This compact integration takes up less space on the mainboard and also reduces the bill of materials cost for customers.”
-JC Hsu, Corporate Vice President, MediaTek

Featured products: MAX9286, MAX96705, MAX15007C, MAX8902B

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Simplifying Creation of IoT and Robotic Devices


"In the case of the MAX3051, low data error rate and a competitive price were factors in our choice."
 -Hanjun Kim, Hardware Technical Lead, LUXROBO

Featured products: MAX3051, MAX38902C, MAX8969, MAX40200

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Creating High-End ATE Products


NCATEST was able to reduce its design cycle while creating an ATE solution that is smaller, lower power, and better performing than its predecessor.

Featured products: MAX6350, MAX6325, MAX811, MAX3232, MAX541, MAX4820, MAX11160, MAX14783, MAX6696

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Educating and Empowering Musicians


"The Maxim team has saved some mistakes that would have led to extra prototyping cycles. We expect our finished guitar will have long battery life and provide accurate data on remaining charge.”
 -Bobcat Cox, Chief Technology Officer, Zivix

Featured products: MAX14636, MAX14699, MAX8903C, MAX17260, MAX38643, and MAX38902E

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开发支持汽车和工业设计应用的77/79GHZz CMOS mmWave雷达传感器IC


 -Jiafeng Wang,加特兰微电子销售经理

精选器件: MAX15027, MAX20014

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 —— Anand Janaswamy,OneRoof Energy公司产品开发与利用部门SVP

相关产品: 太阳能电池优化器

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 - Li Yan,吉诺科技市场部现场总线项目经理

精选器件: MAX11270
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 —— Caleb Arthur,Missouri Sun Solar公司CEO

相关产品: 太阳能电池优化器

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 -Olivier Boireau, CEO, Design SHIFT

精选产品:Maxim MAX32550

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 -Jeff Valk,Admetsys公司CEO

精选产品:DS28E83, DS28E38

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 -Joe Leong Kok Keen, EDMI硬件设计工程师


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  -Byoung Gi Kim,Digital Frontier研发部CTO

精选器件: MAX9972

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“Maxim IC使我们的产品工作更稳定、更可靠。”

精选产品:MAX17224, MAX14841E, MAX809S, MAX14527, MAX8887, DS3231M, MAX8881

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  -Arvind Thiagarajan,CEO,HD Medical

精选产品:MAX32620, MAX14690, MAX1703, 和 Maxim电池监测器

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Do-It-Yourself IoT Chips


-Omar Alnaggar,zGlue硬件工程总监

精选产品: MAX77734

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"MAX98357A D类放大器的3.2W清晰I2S音频代表了最小空间内的最佳音质,适用于Raspberry Pi或其他I2S源。”
 -Martin Winston,编辑,Newstips Bulletin

精选产品: MAX98357A, MAX44009

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 —— Dan Atlas,ATLASense Biomed联合创始人兼CTO


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 -Pedro Pelaez,技术总监,TNFG

精选产品:MAX30101, MAX44005, MAX8814, 电压调节器, 和光学生物模拟前端

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 -Dylan Jackson, 嵌入式工程师,Spire

精选产品: MAX30110MAX17223

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 -Jorge Ribeiro, CEO, Gertec


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“Maxim峰值电流模式控制器的尺寸只有3mm x 3mm。得益于其微小尺寸和高度集成,我们能够将整个模块的尺寸减小大约一半。”
 -Devesh Agarwal, CEO, Infomart

精选产品: Maxim峰值电流模式控制器

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“关于这些[Maxim] IC的关键决定因素是获得最佳电量计和电池状态信息的能力。”
 -Jon Guy,工程技术副总裁,UnaliWearr

精选产品: MAX77818, MAX17201, MAX44009, MAX2693, MAX8969, MAX16125双按键控制器, MAX8841LDO稳压器, MAX14634双向电池开关

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 —— Patrick Antaki,Evergaze联合创始人兼总裁

相关产品: Maxim 透镜驱动器, MAX44009, MAX8834, MAX77818, 过压保护IC

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 —— Jukka Linjama,Flexound Systems CTO兼合伙人


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“我们正在颠覆世界上最大的行业之一 — 卫生保健,而我们凭借的正是Maxim传感器和处理器。”
 —— Samir Qamar博士,MedWand Solutions创始人兼CEO

相关产品: Maxim 传感器, 处理器, 电源管理音频IC

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 —— Anakin Choung,Healcerion公司COO

相关产品:MAX2082, MAX4968B

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 —— Marco Ma,北京微智全景信息技术有限公司

相关产品: MAX32555

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