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Show Your Engineering Ingenuity in Summer of Love Contest

July 20, 2017

Christine Young  By: Christine Young
 Blogger, Maxim Integrated 

It’s hard to imagine our modern lives today without smartphones, tablets, and other handheld electronic devices. Each of these devices shares a common ancestor—the digital calculator—which emerged 50 years ago. This calculator was considered “an extraordinary accomplishment and a big step forward in the field of electronics that inspired even the most experienced engineers. Not only did it serve as the forerunner to handheld calculators, but in the larger sense, it helped kick off an electronic revolution as the first example of a complex consumer device made using integrated circuits,” notes an Electronic Design article celebrating the invention. 

What also happened in 1967? Why, the Summer of Love, when counterculture, hippies, bell-bottom pants, and Haight-Ashbury were making headlines. Maybe you remember the days when people wore flowers in their hair. Or perhaps you learned about the era in the Summer of Love Experience exhibit at San Francisco’s de Young Museum. Either way, Maxim thinks that the 50-year anniversary is a fine milestone to commemorate both this time in history and design engineering with a contest!

In Maxim’s Summer of Love Contest, simply show us on Twitter how you used or would use the groovy products we’re spotlighting each Thursday for a chance to win an Olympus PEN-F® camera. Read the full Summer of Love Contest guidelines and rules, and get started. Perhaps your design engineering ingenuity will spark a similar revolution as the first digital calculator did.

Maxim's Summer of Love Contest