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Infomart Creates Tiny Power-over-Ethernet Devices

September 28, 2017

September 28, 2017

Christine Young By: Christine Young
Blogger, Maxim Integrated 

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices provide an energy-efficient, cost-effective power option for applications including lighting, digital signage, and various internet of things (IoT) systems. For many of these applications, small PoE device size is essential given their small overall solution sizes.

Bangalore-based Infomart understand these requirements very well. The company is behind the PoweredEthernet™ brand of highly efficient, low-cost, ultra-small Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Powered Device (PD) solutions.

"Our PoweredEthernet PoE PD solutions from 13W to 95W integrate the IEEE® PoE logic along with power and analog functions into a single, compact, cost-effective module, offering developers "plug-and-play" solutions which slash time-to-market cycles," notes CEO Devesh Agarwal.

In addition to delivering small size and power efficiency, Infomart also needs to integrate a lot of functionality into its PoE devices. Many of the company’s customers have limited analog expertise on staff, so they rely on Infomart's fully tested products and expertise. When the company needed peak-current-mode controllers to build power supplies that would support its strict size and power requirements, it turned to Maxim.

"The Maxim peak-current-mode controller is only 3mm x 3mm. Because of its size and its high level of integration, we were able to reduce our whole module size by about half," says Agarwal.

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Infomarts creates PoE solutions based on its deep experience in designing high efficiency, small size, and low cost products.