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5 Ways a MyMaxim Account Enhances Productivity

September 23, 2019

Christine Young  By: Christine Young
 Blogger, Maxim Integrated 

You browse vendor websites searching for information or the right products for your design. Is this research as fast and productive as you’d like? If you’ve already got a MyMaxim account, you know how quickly you can access what you need to push your projects along. But if you’re not yet in the Maxim community, consider these five ways that a MyMaxim account can enhance your productivity:

  1. Access to the EE-Sim® design and simulation environment. This tool simplifies your path to a working power design. The DC-DC Design Tool features more than 125 parts to design and simulate. It allows you to control the trade-off between size, efficiency, and cost; recalculate compensation after component changes; set component derating values; perform efficiency calculations; and much more. The EE-Sim OASIS Simulation Tool enables you to quickly and accurately simulate your circuit designs. This tool features a SIMPLIS® simulation engine, as well as the SIMetrix SPICE simulation engine. You can run simulations offline, add or move components with its full-featured schematic editor, and either start with a ready-to-go reference design or create a custom design.
  2. Reference designs, including BOM downloads. From single parts to subsystems to full system designs, our Reference Design Center includes an array of design implementations—all built, tested, and ready to go.
  3. Your cases in our updated Support Portal. In addition to submitting cases, you can also search the knowledge base, contact an applications engineer, get sales support, and access resources such as models and packaging information from this portal.
  4. Your ordering information and history. You can also search for samples, request a quote, and submit a quick order from this page.
  5. The ability to tailor the information you want to receive from Maxim based on your interests. You can subscribe to newsletters, track product or process change notice alerts, and more.

Signing up for a MyMaxim account is easy – simply click on “Register” under MyMaxim on the upper right corner of to get started.

Happy designing!

Electrical EngineerWith a MyMaxim account, you get quick access to technical resources with answers to your tough design challenges.