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Switch Debouncer with ESD Protection

Data Sheets
Part Number Description Key Advantages
MAX6816 ±15kV ESD-Protected, Single/Dual/Octal, CMOS Switch Debouncers

Industry's-first SOT Switch Debouncer Features ±15kV ESD Protection and ±25V Fault Tolerance 

Key Specifications:

Switch Debouncer/Protectors
Part Number Switch Inputs Edge Triggered Debounce Duration
Output Polarity Output Type Switch Inputs
ESD Protect.
max max See Notes
MAX6816  1 Both Edges 15 to 85 Active High Push-Pull ±25 15 20 $1.62 @1k
MAX6817  2 $2.49 @1k
MAX6818  8 $3.34 @1k
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