Sensors and Sensor Interface

Temperature Sensor ICs, Fan Controller ICs, and Temperature Switches

Maxim offers a wide range of silicon-based temperature sensors—both local and remote—as well as fan controllers and temperature switches (i.e., thermostat ICs).

Optical Sensor ICs

Our silicon-based optical sensors accurately sense visible or infrared light. These sensors play a central role in screen dimming and proximity sensing applications.

Inertial Sensor ICs

Maxim's inertial sensors are state-of-the-art microelectromechanical systems (MEMs)-based sensors for position- and direction-sensing applications.

Sensor Interface and Communication ICs

Our sensor interface and communication ICs obtain signals from complex sensor devices with high accuracy while providing flexible signal conditioning. These standards-based sensor communication devices from Maxim transfer sensor signals between the sensors and data collection points.
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