Switching Regulators

Maxim high-efficiency switching regulator ICs provide longer battery life, generate less heat, and require less board space than many competitive products. We provide a wide assortment of DC-DC switching regulators and controllers to handle a broad range of applications.
Maxim's switching regulators contain an internal catch-diode or FET for reduced board space and component count. Our switching controllers are generally used in applications with high power requirements and therefore use an external diode or FET switching elements. You can select a switching regulator or controller from the parametric table below.

Switching Regulator Applications

Looking for a PMIC? Power for your FPGA? Or a simple switching supply for your battery-powered microcontroller project? Select a best-fit Maxim switching regulator for your application.


Create and simulate circuits online based on your detailed input requirements. The efficient simulation engine quickly provides detailed waveform results.

Power Supply Cookbook

Our power supply cookbook offers an in-depth library of switching power supply circuits for a variety of applications. Visit our Power Supply Cookbook to find an optimal circuit for your application.
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