Evaluation Kits

Voltage References

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MAX11205PMB1 MAX11205PMB1 Peripheral Module (16-Bit, Single-Channel, Ultra-Low Power, Delta-Sigma ADC with 2-Wire Serial Interface)   
MAX1358EVKIT Evaluation Kit for the MAX1358 (16-Bit, Data-Acquisition System with ADC, DACs, UPIOs, RTC, Voltage Monitors, and Temp Sensor)   
MAX15501EVKIT Evaluation Kit for the MAX15500 and MAX15501 (Industrial Analog Current/Voltage Output Conditioners)   
MAXREFDES15 Monterey (MAXREFDES15#): Ultra-Low Power, High-Accuracy 4–20mA 2-Wire Current-Loop Sensor (40V, Ultra-Low Quiescent-Current Linear Regulators in 6-Pin TDFN/8-Pin SO)   
MAXREFDES18 Carmel (MAXREFDES18#): High-Accuracy Analog Current/Voltage Output (Industrial Analog Current/Voltage Output Conditioners)   
MAXREFDES4 Campbell (MAXREFDES4#): 16-Bit High-Accuracy 4-20mA Input Isolated Analog Front End (AFE) (Six-Channel Digital Isolator)   
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RoHS/Lead-Free EV Kit Nomenclature

  • Products that are lead-free and RoHS-compliant include a "+" symbol in the ordering part number. (e.g., MAX9999EVKIT+)
  • RoHS-compliant products that may contain lead (exempt from lead-free requirements) include the "#" symbol in the ordering part number. (e.g., MAX9999EVKIT#)
  • Leaded EV kits do not include a "+" or "#" symbol in the ordering part number. (e.g., MAX9999EVKIT)