Customized Service Solutions

Maxim offers flexible engagement options to meet your exact requirements. Whatever level of service you choose, Maxim will assign an ASIC systems application engineer to be your primary factory interface from beginning to end, allowing you to focus on your mission-critical needs.
Customized Service Solutions

Turnkey Design Services (One-Stop Shop)

Maxim's turnkey design services span the full design process from concept to volume production. Maxim will transform your product specifications into a production-ready device. We align our wafer fabs and design expertise to create a custom solution optimized for your application.
This includes IC design with state-of-the-art tools, system analysis and simulation, fab, production, test, and cradle-to-grave support services. Product qualifications and compliance (AEC Q100, MIL-STD-883B, JEDEC, ITAR) are also available.

Foundry Services

Optionally, you can perform the IC design and Maxim will provide a customized set of foundry services to meet your needs. Maxim's IP can be made available to shorten your development time. We will provide the process design kit (PDK), design guide, and process training. Select wafers, die, or packaged ICs as your deliverable items.

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