Analog Front-End ICs

Analog Front-End ICs

Digital Communications

Fast Codecs/AFEs
Ideal for wideband communication applications operating in full-duplex (FD) mode, Maxim's line of AFEs includes fast codecs for use in FD digital communications.


Ultrasound AFEs
Maxim's fully integrated octal ultrasound receivers are optimized for low-cost, high channel count, high-performance portable and cart-based ultrasound systems.

Energy Measurement and Metering

Energy-Measurement AFEs
Maxim's energy-measurement AFEs offer very high precision while integrating a microcontroller for ease-of-use.
Metering AFEs
Maxim's energy-metering solutions comprise a wide array of system-on-chip (SoC) devices that provide more accurate, reliable, and cost-effective alternatives to multichip implementations.
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