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Automotive Product Guide
Maxim Integrated is committed to empowering automobile manufacturers in their drive to build the environmentally clean, safety-conscious, and infotainment-connected car of the future.
Our vision is to enable this next-generation car. Consistent with this vision, we offer strategic technologies for the automotive market in the areas of wired, wireless, power, battery management, and sensing and signal conditioning. Our advances in these areas allow us to address the challenges and critical needs our customers—you—face. Through ongoing innovations and by continuously pushing analog integration to new levels, we develop the highly integrated, functional, and reliable space-saving solutions you need to differentiate your automobiles and to succeed in a globally competitive marketplace.
Maxim offers hundreds of products that target the most demanding automotive applications. Products that meet the stringent requirements of AEC-Q100. Products that satisfy your requirements for the car of tomorrow.
Interested in learning more? Contact us today. We look forward to helping you take your automotive design to the next level.
Part Selection Diagrams for Automotive
We've constructed block diagrams of major automotive functions that are served by Maxim products. You can click on any block to view recommended products.
View automotive product selection diagrams.
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