Current-Sense Amplifiers

Current-sense amplifiers are powered with a low voltage supply but their inputs can be connected to much higher voltages. Maxim's latest generation of current-sense amplifiers feature enhanced input offset voltage specifications. These specifications allow a reduction in the resistive sensing element value, which in turn reduces dissipated power, space requirements, and cost.

Precision Current-Sense Amplifiers

Our precision current-sense amplifiers offer very low input offset voltage and low gain error at all temperatures.

High-Voltage Current-Sense Amplifiers

Our high-voltage current-sense amplifiers work in applications with common-mode input voltages of 60V and 76V.

Low-Power and Space-Saving Current-Sense Amplifiers

These amplifiers feature low quiescent current and come in small packages like WLP, DFN, and SC70.

Current-Sense Amplifiers with Digital Output

These current-sense amplifiers output a digital signal from an integrated analog-to-digital converter (ADC).
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