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Technology isn't marching forward—it's sprinting. And designers are racing to keep up.

Semiconductor technologies have fundamentally transformed the automotive concept. Today, electric vehicles are connected to the smart grid. Luxury cars park themselves. And even entry-level cars offer smartphone integration.
Over the next decade, these trends will continue to converge to form the clean, conscious, connected car. To achieve this vision, designers will need to navigate new safety standards, shorter product development cycles, and increasing platform-cost pressures.
At Maxim Integrated, we're pushing analog integration to new levels to help our customers speed past these challenges.

Featured Products

  • Electric vehicle battery sensor (MAX17823) integrates a full suite of ISO-26262 diagnostic features to speed ASIL D compliance
  • GMSL SerDes chipsets (22-bit: MAX9272/MAX9273; 16-bit: MAX9271/MAX9272) with coax drive minimize cabling costs for in-vehicle networks, enabling customers to add new multimedia and safety systems at a much lower price point
  • RF to Bits® digital radio tuner (MAX2173) reduces DSP MIPS, allowing support for new features and services
  • RGB laser driver (MAX3601) for pico projectors enables heads-up display (HUD) applications for improved safety and convenience
  • Compact post-regulator IC (MAX16961) eliminates external compensation and minimizes EMI for improved radio reception