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Maxim's Essential Solutions Anticipate the Next-Generation Cellular Network

Maxim has a broad portfolio of high performance products that enable the Heterogeneous Network (HetNet).

Solutions Ideal for the HetNet:
  • MAX2580—LTE/3G MIMO Small Cell RF Transceiver
  • MAX2550/MAX2551/MAX2552/MAX2553—Complete Single-Chip Femtocell Radio Transceiver Family
  • MAX2870—23.5MHz to 6000MHz Fractional-/Integer-N PLL/VCO
  • MAX2616 Family—50MHz to 4000MHz Broadband Gain Blocks
  • MAX5879—14-Bit, 2.3Gsps Direct RF Synthesis DAC with Selectable Frequency Response
  • MAX15301—InTune, Automatically-Compensated Digital PoL Controller with Driver and PMBus Telemetry

Other Products
  • MAX5815/MAX5825—Ultra-Small, Quad/Octal-Channel,8-/10-/12-Bit Buffered Output DACs with Internal Reference and I²C Interface
  • MAX34440—PMBus 6-Channel Power-Supply Manager
  • MAX34441—PMBus 5-Channel Power-Supply Manager and Intelligent Fan Controller
  • MAX31785—6-Channel Intelligent Fan Controller
  • MAX11131—3Msps, Low-Power, Serial 12-/10-Bit, 8-/16-Channel ADCs
  • MAX19757—Dual, SiGe, High-Linearity, 1700MHz to 2700MHz Downconversion Mixer with Advanced Shutdown Features
  • MAX2090—50MHz to 1000MHz Analog VGA with Threshold Alarm Circuit and Error Amplifier for Level Control
  • MAX2091—50MHz to 500MHz Analog VGA, 1735MHz to 1935MHz Upconverting Mixer with Image Filtering, Threshold Alarm Circuit, and Error Amplifier for Level Control
  • MAX2092—700MHz to 2700MHz Analog VGA with Threshold Alarm Circuit and Error Amplifier for Level Control

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