Outsmart the Competition: Our analog integration technologies and differentiated IP cores are enabling smarter mobile devices
Each new generation of mobile products means more functions in the same form factor. If you're lucky. Chances are that your useable space has diminished to support a thinner enclosure or higher capacity battery, making your task even more difficult.

Maxim's analog integration technologies help you clear space for new functions in smartphones and tablets. Innovative offerings such as power SoCs integrate power and system functions into a single chip, cutting your analog footprint in half. Meanwhile, our differentiated IP cores offer the performance you need to set your design apart from the competition.
Power SoC Technology
  • Integrates many power-management and mixed-signal functions on a single chip to enable high performance, as well as thinner and smaller form factors in smartphones and tablets.
TacTouch™ Technology
  • Provides instant haptic feedback to resistive or capacitive touch interface products and produces a more natural and responsive touch while also minimizing complexity and cost. Learn more about Maxim's TacTouch products.
FlexSound™ Technology
  • Simultaneously maximizes loudness while protecting small speakers from damage, Maxim's FlexSound technology provides easy-to-use sound quality optimization algorithms for loudspeakers. View our newest audio codec with FlexSound technology.
ModelGauge™ m3 Technology
  • Automatically compensates for a host of parameters (age, temperature, current, etc.) to deliver the industry's most accurate state-of-charge (SOC) calculation. ModelGauge m3 products extend battery runtime while saving space and cost by using a smaller sense resistor and fewer external components than other coulomb counters. View our newest ModelGauge m3 products.
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