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Easily Add Energy-Measurement Functionality to Your Embedded System

You can now measure AC/DC energy consumption without worrying about power domains. This compact isolated energy-measurement chipset (MAX78700/MAX78615), with preloaded firmware, addresses the toughest obstacles in adding energy measurement into embedded designs.
By integrating a unique isolated interface between the analog and digital domains, the solution requires only a single pulse transformer. No bulky sensors, optocouplers, or extra power supply needed.

Key Benefits
  • High integration: integrates nonvolatile memory, upgradeable measurement firmware, and isolated power delivery
  • Flexibility: solution scales to thousands of volts of isolation and contains application-specific firmware
  • Reduced size: eliminates the requirement for an isolated power supply and bulky sense transformers
  • Faster time to market: preloaded, field-upgradeable firmware performs all the necessary signal processing, compensation, and data formatting for accurate real-time measurement

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